Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy

Ponte Vecchio; Florence Italy copyright jmeyersforeman
Ponte Vecchio; Florence Italy copyright jmeyersforeman 

We have been walking around Florence for a couple of days checking out all the recommended sights, seeing a few of the “must see” places, it seems there are so many more to see before we leave.  On everyone’s list of must see is the Ponte Vecchio, that crosses the Arno River. It is the most ancient bridge of the city, according to the history books, it has been rebuilt several times since Roman times. This current structure was built in 1345, on the parapets many shops. This is one only bridge that the Germans did not blow up in 1944; spared as a work of art. From the centre of the bridge is a beautiful view of the river.

One the streets of Florence there are many artists working and selling their pictures, pen and ink drawings, water colours and even small acrylic canvases, all of them quite beautiful. All of them are quite unique in their own way and they all show different attractions of this famous city. I have been admiring the watercolours, so I decided to try to make an image that looked more like the water colour paintings I was seeing and less like the photos I was taking!

What do you think, do you think I have achieved my goal?



2 thoughts on “Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy

    1. Hi Stewart, Florence is wonderful! I am happy to hear you like the image, I used a couple of different steps, I didn’t use the watercolour filter. I used the find edges filter to get the dark black edges, and a texture layer of blue paper. There were 5 or 6 steps but those were key!


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