Photographing Budapest traffic

Chain Bridge_Budapest_IMG_9177
Chain Bridge and the evening traffic; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
IMG_9586_85 blend
Szabadsag Bridge and the trams at night; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Szabadsag Bridge and the trams; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

The old style trams in Budapest, and the traffic flow on and off the bridges of this city made for fun! Each time I headed out into the traffic with my camera and tripod I would hear a voice over my shoulder “be careful”  It was all pretty safe once I reached the center island. The island, a cement curb raised a few inches above the pavement provided a one meter spot, out of the traffic to stand, safe as can be, honest!  The tram drivers often waived when they went by.

The Chain bridge was pretty easy, cars were coming and going at a regular rate, it was a matter of getting a balance of red and white lights.  The first photo of the Szabadság bridge took a little longer.  Two trams in opposite direction at the same point on the bridge at this time of day was just not happening. I must have been there about 45 minutes. It never did  happen as I had envisioned it.  I finally settled on two long exposures, and blended them together.

The third photo happened very soon quickly after I set up my camera, so soon,  I had time for a coffee before meeting Bill as scheduled.  The night before the trams did not ever meet on the same spot on the bridge, so I thought I would spend 30 – 40 minutes waiting, taking photos I could use for a composition, but just like that, before I knew it, there were two trams in front of me! Great Glee, it doesn’t take much to make my day!!!

So there you have it, the results of me standing in traffic!

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10 thoughts on “Photographing Budapest traffic

  1. OK, those are some totally awesome results… but, Janice, “Go play in the traffic” is just a joke. You’re not meant to take it literally!
    Love seeing Budapest through your eyes.


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