Enjoying the mulled wine; Vienna Christmas Market

enjoying mulled wine, Vienna Christmas Markets_IMG_0513

I am not sure if the Vienna Christmas Markets are unique in their marketing of mulled wine, but each market has a special wine and a special mug that they sell. When you buy your first cup of mulled wine you also pay a deposit on the cup, once the wine is done you can order more wine or you can keep the cup as a souvenir.  It seemed every market we visited had a different wine and a different cup; great fun drinking mulled and collecting cups, don’t you think?

I have used the photo of Bill and our first cups of mulled wine for my submission to the monochrome madness this week. If you have been following the blog for a while you will remember the group of photographers who at least once a week submit black and white images to the forum, head on over to Leanne Cole’s blog to check out the other submission, they might not be as much fun as Bill drinking mulled wine, but you will find some great photography.

We are off to Salzburg Austria to see their Christmas markets and taste their mulled wine!


8 thoughts on “Enjoying the mulled wine; Vienna Christmas Market

  1. I’ve not been to Vienna yet, Janice, but I remember visiting the Christmas market in Berlin (Charlotteburg actually), where we drank what I seem to recall was also a type of mulled wine. It was hot, spicy and reminded me of apple cider – with a twist. Enjoy Salzburg!


    1. Hi Healing Pilgrim, we are off to Berlin on the 25th of November for a few days, and will see if we can fit in Charlotteburg. It seems everyone has a different recipe for mulled wine and some of it comes spike with liqueur, Bill calls it mulled wine with a kicker!


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