Vienna; Christmas Markets 2014

Vienna Christmas Market; copyright jmeyersforeman2014
Vienna Christmas Market; copyright jmeyersforeman2014 

Bill and I spend a couple of days in Vienna, visiting the Christmas Markets, this one in the Rathausplaz is the largest one we walked through.  With small wooden shops and trees all decorated for the season, the smell or candied nuts and mulled wine and the sounds of Christmas Carols and children laughing it is an enchanted place to be.

This is just the beginning of the Christmas market season and as we wandered the streets of Vienna we found other smaller markets were being set up in other squares and plaza’s.

Great places to practise my night-time and low light photography, lucky for me Bill doesn’t mind carrying the tripod!



2 thoughts on “Vienna; Christmas Markets 2014

    1. Hi Buntymcc, yes a laptop and small external hard drive for all the images is essential. I am happy to hear you are enjoying the photos. I may have to slow down to every second day, it has been a long trip!


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