Salzburg Germany

Salzburg at night copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Salzburg at night copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

Salzburg is a beautiful city. We rode the funicular up to the fortress to see the museum and a view of Salzburg from above. We strolled the cobblestone streets in the city centre through the Christmas markets, while listening to Christmas Carols, eating spiced nuts and drinking mulled wine, and we watched the skaters at the ice rink.  I also spent a good deal of time photographing the different places we visited, including the Cathedral and the Abbey but that can almost go without saying! We loved our time in Salzburg, I am sure there is more to see and do than we had time for.

This was my first official attempt at HDR, high dynamic range image. The fort at the top of the hill did not have many lights on it and it was quite dark, while the lights on the bridge with very bright, and because they were close to the camera they overwhelmed the image, they were so bright it was hard to see anything else. With that in mind I set up the tripod, and exposed  6 images, each exposure was 2/3’s of a stop different from the preceding one, with the final image a full 2 stops underexposed. Photoshop HDR merge is responsible for the blend of the six images in to one image, well mostly. The program does come with a lot of different presets and sliders,  different options can tweak, tweak being the not so technical word for adjust, and blend to get the image to my liking.

With this image you can see what we saw that night standing on the river bank looking at Salzburg’s old town.


6 thoughts on “Salzburg Germany

    1. Thanks Robin, glad you like it. I had made 1/2 hearted attempts, no tripod meant the images did line up properly and I had to use high iso, so this night I went out with intent, to get it right, and it worked.


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