Santa and Christmas Markets

Santa at the Christmas Market; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Santa at the Christmas Market; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

there are lots of cute Santa decorations and if I was going to collect these cute little Santa’s I would need a bigger suitcase to get home!!! Berlin is filled with Christmas Markets, and despite the temperatures the Berliners are out in droves. On the plus side there are so many people the wind isn’t the problem as it could be, the crowds of people cut down the wind and we can enjoy looking at all the booths, and find a spot to eat bratwurst on a bun while we drink mulled wine.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas preparations!

To see more of my image from my Christmas Market excursion check out my photoshelter gallery, I will be adding new images regularly.


2 thoughts on “Santa and Christmas Markets

  1. Bratwurst! oh, i am so back in Germany…..
    i hope to spend some time in Germany for the Christmas markets one year. there is a German style Christmas market in Vancouver every year which is on a much, much smaller scale, but it is quite good too if you are ever in this corner of the planet in December.


    1. Hi Pix & Kardz, Germany is a wonderful place to spend some time before Christmas! It just so happens I know people in Vancouver and spent last New Years there! I didn’t know about the German Christmas Market, but will definitely look it up just incase I am there next year at this time!


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