Berlin Christmas Markets

We have managed to visit several of Berlin’s famous Christmas markets. They all have plenty of Christmas lights, Christmas Carols playing in the background, and children’s rides. Some markets looked more like amusement parks with Christmas decorations than Christmas markets but everyone was having a good time.

Food, there was lots of food,  bratwurst on a bun, there was mulled wine, beer as well as hot chocolate, of course cookies and candies of every description, you could even get cotton candy.  Some markets had roast piglet on a spit, crepes, cheeses and roasting Chestnuts.

It seemed like an endless choice of decorations to buy, as well as jewellery, art, pottery and lights. There was woolen sweaters, coats, caps and mittens, sheepskin slippers, mittens and caps. One market had wooden outdoor furniture, and another Christmas tree were for sale.

Some of the markets had ice skating rinks and ice bocci, just for the record we watched, it was fun and there was no falling down and getting hurt or breaking the camera! One market had hot water radiators set up with benches so we could stay warm, and a small bonfire where the kids were roasting marshmallows.

The best time to visit was just after dark, when all the lights were on. It was usually busy at that time of the day, crowds of people could make photography difficult, but the markets look better when filled with people!

High resolution images are available for viewing and or purchase in my gallery 


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