Bamberg Germany

Bamberg Germany; copyright jmeyersforeman 20124
Bamberg Germany; copyright jmeyersforeman 20124

Bill and I have spent a little more than a week in Bamberg, described by Lonely Planet as a disarmingly beautiful masterpiece with an almost complete absence of modern eyesores. The entire Altstadt, or town center is a Unesco World Heritage Site.  The town is bisected by two rivers, and built on seven hills!

We have walked most of the streets, down the park paths along the river, stopped at most of the 10 breweries, and visited the different historic sites. We have made three-day trips, by train to three different cities, all within an hour’s ride, Nuremberg, Wurzberg and Colberg, to visit the different Christmas Markets and see the sights, all beautiful cities deserving on more time. The train system is amazingly efficient, and an economical way to travel in Germany.

We have loved our time in Bamberg and would come back again, tomorrow we are off to Frankfurt.



9 thoughts on “Bamberg Germany

  1. sounds like a delightful place! one day i hope to be in Germany for the Christmas markets too. Vancouver has a very small-scale German-style Christmas market, and it was rather fun when i checked it out a few years ago. but very small-scale, with far fewer booths and stands.
    if you are going to the Frankfurt airport, do be extra diligent. they have apparently had a number of thefts there recently, as a friend found out who is actually a seasoned traveller. it only took a moment for the iPhone to be transferred to a pocket – momentarily – while at passport control, but that was all it took. only moments later, it was gone.
    missing a connecting flight allowed for ample to time to make a police report where they said there have been quite a few thefts of bags, electronic devices etc recently.
    so just a friendly word of caution. if you are not headed for the airport, then no worries. 🙂


  2. Bamberg is beautiful… Frankfurt will be a complete contrast, but a nice place in its own way, I think… I spent 7 years in Frankfurt, I hated it in the beginning, but love it now… how long will you be in Frankfurt?


    1. Hi Partosh, I have heard that Frankfurt is a very large modern city, very different from the small quaint heritage cities we have been visiting! I will try to be open to what I see! we are only there 4 days, and it is predicted to be rainy, might make for interesting reflections?!


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