Westerdok Harbour, Amsterdam in Black and White

Black and white in Amsterdam; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Westerdok Harbour, Amsterdam; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014  

We walk past Westerdok Harbour it is a residential harbour, not far from central Amsterdam. Historically it was a major shipping dock, with rail lines, and a large rail yard. It has been redeveloped with mostly residential units and small office buildings, some of the houseboats parked her are for rent! I don’t think they go anywhere, they would be like an apartment on the water!

I have been doing quite a bit of black and white processing, it might be the weather or the short days with very little sunlight. I love the look, the cloudy winter skies show up so much better in black and white, and while we wake every morning hoping for sunshine we are not deterred! The city is charming, art seems to be everywhere, and I am glad we have had a chance to see it, even if I grumble a little about the weather. It is what we do, it is safe common ground to grumble about the weather!

I will just have to plan a return trip to see this lovely city in the spring, when the flowers are blooming and the trees are all leafed out!


6 thoughts on “Westerdok Harbour, Amsterdam in Black and White

    1. Hi Klaske nice to hear from you, yes there are houseboats that travel through the canals, people can rent them from different agencies, I am sure it is a lovely way to see the country, but many that we see in the city rarely if ever move anymore. The flower market here in Amsterdam are on houseboats that sit in the canal all the time now and don’t move, I am sure there are market boats that do move, we didn’t see any here in Amsterdam, but that could be the time of the year. thanks for taking time to comment, it is always nice to get feedback!


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