Stradel Museum, Frankfurt Germany

No we haven’t headed back to Germany! it has been a very busy few days strolling the streets of Paris, seeing the sights and enjoying Christmas, no time for processing images or writing blog posts, so I thought I would show you the images taken during our visit to the Stradel Museum.

We almost always pick up the audio guide for the museum, learn as we look! The Currator has done a wonderful job moving us through time and place. through history and the museum.  Placing the statues with the painting, interweaving the two mediums and telling stories that provide just enought historical and artistic details to entertain as well as educate.


2 thoughts on “Stradel Museum, Frankfurt Germany

    1. thanks Katie, it was really interesting the way the currator arranged the pieces, so were created by the same artist, and yet others by different artists at about the same time and worked together to relay a theme! It is nice to hear you enjoyed the post.

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