Reflection: Old in New

Reflection; Old in New Architecture; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
Reflection; Old in New; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015  

so many places we have travelled to this last few month have had a wonderful combination of old and new architecture. I love to find the reflection of the old stone buildings in the windows of the new glass and steel structures that are sitting near by. I find the reflections make wonderful abstract images.

I have submitted this image to Leanne Cole’s blog, her first Monochrome Madness of 2015. Preparing a blog post each week for this forum  will be one of my goals for the year. I have found that participating the the forum I have become more mindful of the images that might be better suited to monochrome processing rather than colour. I have also learned several different ways to process an image, every software that is used to process images will have at least one way to change an image from colour to black and white. It is all about experimenting with the tools you have.

For more inspirational monochrome images head on over to Leanne’s Blog if the weekly Monochrome Madness isn’t up yet it will be soon.


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