The Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba

the Mosque Cathedral Cordoba
The Mosque Cathedral, Cordoba Spain; copyright jmeyersforemaan 2015

We took a short train ride to Cordoba on Monday to see the Mosque Cathedral, considered to be one of the accomplished monuments of Moorish Architecture in the Western World. It began as a Visigoth Basilica in the 6th century, became an Islamic Mosque in the 7th century, and remained so until the 1236 when it was reconsecrated as a Catholic Cathedral.

During it’s history each addition and modification added to the already excisting architecture, it is amazing to see the old moorish arches mixed with the cathedral dome and vaulted ceiling, with the light of the stain glass windowns colouring the marble floor and colums. It is quite stunning and impossible to put all of that into one photo.



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