La Alcazabra, Malaga Spain; After-Before Friday Forum

La Alcazaba, Malaga; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
La Alcazaba, Malaga; after;  copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

La Alcazaba, Malaga built during the 11 century it is reported to be the oldest Alcazaba in Spain, in this image we have a view of the Patio de la Alberca (Pool). The young man isn’t as bored as he looks, he had just snapped a picture of his girlfriend snapping a photo of the pool, she has moved on, he is, I suspect, posting the image to some social media site! But his presence in the image gives some interest.

As it is Friday, I have submitted this to the After-Before Forum, on Stacy’s Blog and detail the process to getting to the final image, the image below was my starting point.


In Lightroom I start with Lens Correction, ticking the box to Enable Profile Correction and remove Chromatic Aberation. After that I cropped for the square format. The image is full of symmetry, and the young man provides a human element. Next I moved to the Basic Panel; and clicked on the Auto button, this doesn’t always achieve the results I want, but in this case it was perfect, then I moved the clarity slider to +36 Vibrance to +36 and Saturation to +18.

Done, I like processing when things are simple. Not every image has to be complicated, in fact the less work the better! If you found this information helpful, let me know, and head on over to Stacy’s blog for more after-before images and blog links.


26 thoughts on “La Alcazabra, Malaga Spain; After-Before Friday Forum

    1. Hi Bunty, yes the square image was mis captioned, thanks for catching that!. I am glad you visited, and took time to comment, your comment brought a smile to my face, I guess my auto-pilot need to be recalibrated!


    2. Thank you for your clarification. Your typo, “himan wlement”, had me running to Google thinking I missed something in my basics of photography course! 🙂

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  1. I have never used the Auto button only because I don’t think I ever noticed it till recently. I can get lost in processing my photos and often do. I like to see where I can take them, or where they take me. I agree with you, though, in that, if it’s a good image to start with- like this one is- then why fool with it past a certain point? I just never seem to get to that point as easily as you! Maybe I should concentrate more on photography and less on processing. 🙂

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  2. You are right not every image has to have some complicated editing applied. I like both the cropped and uncropped version as they both give a different reading to the picture. Personally I like the crop and it works well.
    Good image and very nice editing.

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    1. Thanks Ben, for your kind words, I feel like I should take an editing class from you. Your eye for detail and knowledge is incredible. Your blog posts for the after-before friday forum are wonderful, something to aspire too….


  3. I love the square crop you chose here, Robin. As much stronger image, as is the fact, as you say, that the man is there, and in such a perfect position too! Yes, it is wonderful when a photo takes only a few tweaks. It doesn’t happen all that often for me, but when it does, I’m always like, “wow, is that it, really?” But when the foundation is great, it doesn’t take much!

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