The Statue of David; Florence Italy

Seeing David; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Seeing David; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

Looking back through the many photos taken over the last year, and found this image of the Statue of David.

Standing inthe Piazza della Signoria, a replica of the statue of David, one of the most recognized works of Renaissane art. The Piazza is filled with visitors, all snapping away with their cameras,  getting photos of the buildings, the different scuptures around the square and of course themselves and their friends.

As a tourist and visitor I want to document our time in a city, and the sights that we visit, but I also want to find a creative way to photograph the scene that is photographed hundrends of times a day!  The statue of David created by Michelangelo in the early 1500’s and became a symbol of strength and beauty. The shadow shows the pose and translates those qualities without having to see all the statue.  I used the square format to remove any distractions from the frame.

Many people I know purchase postcards, because they will “never get a picture that pretty” themselves. My great aunt use to purchase slides that were sold at all the tourist shop, many many years ago as a memory of where she had been and what she had seen. I remember looking at those slides when I was a little girl, maybe she planted that seed to travel and take photos!

When you travel, do you take photos that tells a story about where we you were?


8 thoughts on “The Statue of David; Florence Italy

  1. What a difrent way to take a photo of a statue! I must try to do that too. Don and I were in Florence at the Piazza in 1972 and just loved our time there. When I take photos of a place I try to get a sense of my time and the mood that the location or experience offers.

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    1. Hi Carolynne, it is nice to hear from you, I doubt if the Piazza has changed much since you and Don had your visit, although it might be a little busier depending on the time of the year! Shadows are fun to play with, reminds me of a childhood game! it is always nice to get those photos that remind us of a particular location and a particular moment in time with those we care about, even if it is “just” our backyards on Sunday with the family. See you soon!


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