After-before Friday One Photo Focus

ab friday photo by Lore Dombaj for March 2015
ab friday photo by Lore Dombaj for March 2015

it is the first friday of March, that means it is time for the after-before, one photo focus post. If you have by following the blog for a while you know that on the first Friday of the month a group of photographers take one photo and edit to their liking. It is amazing to see the final image of each participating photographer and how they are all so different. You can check out the Stacy’s blog to see all the submissions.

Over the last few months I have beenfollowing a couple of different blogs, photographers who are using phone cameras to take images and phone apps to process their images, typically referred to a iphonegraphy. Photographers like Kat Sloma over at Kat Eye Studio as well as Bob Weil at Iphoneartist and Emil Pakarklis at Iphonephotography School

I received the email with a link to the group challenge photo while visiting Chicxulub Mexico, there was no internet service at the apartment my parents had rented, so I decided to download the photo to my phone while sitting in a coffee shop. It was the perfect opportunity to try out a few of the apps I had been reading about and experimenting with.  Using the Mextures App I cropped the original image and played around with different textures and layers until I was happy with the results. To be honest I made so many changes back and forth returning to the original and starting over again, and again I could really tell you the exact formula I used for this image. I really do need to keep better notes!!!

Here is a side by side of the after and before images….. Thanks Lore for the image, and the opportunity to use some of my iphone apps for this group post!

Head on over to Stacy’s blog to see just how the other photographers have edited Lore Dombaj’s image, head on over to Lore’s blog to learn a little about the image and how Lore processed the image.

31 thoughts on “After-before Friday One Photo Focus

    1. Hi Ben, I am happy to hear you like my editing choices. I have been reading more and more about editing with phone apps. I am not sure if I want to take this up, but it is fun to play with a and learn about. But I must remember to keep notes, as you say, so hard to remember what I have done without them!

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      1. My Instagram work, apart from my 365 project, is all edited on apps, personally I don’t go for the gimmick apps but prefer the straight editing ones. My usual work horses are; snapseed, pixlr express and vsco cam. Also I use instasize, this adds borders to an image so you don’t have to square crop.

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    1. Hi Lensaddiction, it is nice to hear you like my editing choices. the nice thing about this type of group forum is seeing the choices others would make, it is a real eye opening/enlightening experience. But if we all saw things and did things the same way we would all have at the same image – that wouldn’t be so good!


  1. Not only are there many different interpretations to this image, it is also interesting to see the wide variety of post-processing tools employed. Chicxulub, isn’t that the location of the famous crater that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?

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  2. Well, if you can’t tell us exactly what steps you took to give us such an amazing transformation then I see no reason to tell you whether I like it or not. I see no reason but I’m going to tell you anyway because that’s the kind of guy I am. Unselfish! First of all I think it’s amazing that a phone can process a photo. I remember the days when a phone could only phone someone and I never could figure out how it did it. Growing up I always thought the person on the other end was just in the next room, like two tin cans ! And now we have virtual darkrooms? It’s just too much for me. Anyway, I love the crop and I love the color highlight on the statue that bleeds over onto the bottom right table top. Now, If I could figure out how they get all those performers into the radio at one time. Wow!


    1. Hi Emilio It is nice to hear you like the final edits for this image. I personally like tin can phones, things were much less complicated when we had those to use! That said I am enjoying the virtual darkroom and the ability to process images anywhere! your support, encouragement and sense of humour is always welcome.


  3. Janice, I love the virtual darkroom. I remember my dad had a darkroom in the garage and during the summer you had to strip down when you worked in there. No air conditioning. Now, if I strip down at my computer, my wife thinks I’m looking at…, well, you know….

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  4. Wow, Janice! I love the very tight crop AND the filter combination (whatever it was 😉) that resulted in such a lovely image. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with a simple phone photo. I’ve run into many images that I wouldn’t know were taken with a phone had the photographer not shared that information. Along those same lines, who could have guessed you processed this on your phone?? Beautiful result!

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  5. I’ve been trying different things this year, but post processing on an iPhone hasn’t been one of them (although I did post a blog entry from my cell phone last year – that was a first!). I’m going to keep this in mind as your interpretation turned out great (love the crop and the antique yellowing). If you hadn’t told us you did it from a cell phone, I wouldn’t have known the difference.



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