after-before Friday; Cherry Blossoms

spring in Ronda Spain, final edit; copyright jmeyersforman 2015

It is Friday and time for another After-Before image. This photo taken in Ronda Spain during our visit in January 2015. It will be another 6 weeks or so before we see the Cherry blossoms here in Calgary! On the plus side I will be able to see and photograph them again this year. For this post I wanted to describe a little of the editing choices I made, you can see below the image I started with….

cherry blossoms_stage 1_4686-2
Spring in Ronda, original capture

After importing the image into Lightroom, I started my adjustments in the Basic Module, starting with auto tone, to see where the program would take the image. I modified tint to +13 bringing out the pink in the image. I then opened the image below in Photoshop.

cherry blossoms_stage 1_4686
initial image opened in Photoshop 

I then added a textured layer that enhances the pink, warms the image slightly, and unifies the pink through image and the mottled background. Below is the textured layer that I used for this image, before adding to the layered texture to my cherry blossom image I modified it by increasing exposure +70, and decreasing clarity -6. I also increased saturation on the magenta and the red +6,  softening the colours and texture slightly and bringing out the pinks. I almost always modify the textures as needed for each image, to bring out the qualities I most want to enhance.

FireplaceHazy texture

The blend mode on the textured layer was set to soft light, at 70%, and the final result above gives us that bright spring day look.

For more after before image head on over to Stacy Fischer’s blog, she host a forum on Fridays, and photographers from all over the world participate. Sharing their work and their image process secrets. There is lots of inspiring photography and lots to be learned. I am looking forward to hearing from you, does the textured layer add to the image or detract?

If you like the blog please share it with your friends, and hop on over to my website to see more of my work.


18 thoughts on “after-before Friday; Cherry Blossoms

  1. The textured layer enhances definitely! What a lovely photo to share the First Day of Spring and the International Day of Happiness. Thank you Janice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Carolynne, so nice to hear you like the image, I hadn’t thought of it being the first of spring and I didn’t know about the International day of Happiness…. we should have more happiness days!


  2. Janice, I’ve never worked with textured backgrounds in Photoshop so I really enjoyed your tutorial! (To be honest, I would never have even thought about this 😉) The after image is just so lovely, delicate and soft. I’m looking forward to shooting the cherry blossoms in DC in the coming weeks!

    Liked by 1 person

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