It’s a colourful world;

a pilot getting his hot air balloon ready for flight
a pilot getting his hot air balloon ready for flight; copyright jmeyersforeman 

It has been a while since I attended a Balloon Festival, the High River International Balloon Festival is Scheduled for September 23 – 27th this year. There is lots of information available on their website if you are in the area, it is a great event to attend.

I had taken this image a few years ago, on Kodachrome slide film, the film type might just give a few of the readers an idea of just how long ago it was taken, the film has not been around for a long time!

This weekend I put the scanner to work, scanning a few of my old slides. It is a time-consuming process, especially when I find a lovely old image and I have to stop to process it, to get the best out of it! With this image I used Photoshop, Camera Raw, to crop out some distracting elements around the edges, then I added a little vibrancy, and contrast. I used the spot removal on a few spots that needed cleaning up.  From there I used Color Efex Pro, cool glow for the final image.

So much to learn about scanning, so many memories to revisit! Let me know if you have any good advise about scanning old film.


6 thoughts on “It’s a colourful world;

  1. Very nice image, Janice. I don’t know if I have any sound advice about film scanning–it’s been a long time–but I do recall that in the case of B&W negatives, one must turn off the Digital Ice feature, if your scanner software uses it. Good luck, that task can be a real grind but it can have some worthwhile payoffs as you have demonstrated here.

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  2. Last year and the year before I tried to capture hot air balloons. And both times they could not take off due to high winds. Maybe third times a charm? I’ll try again this January.

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