Centre St bridge at sunrise

20151208_080614The best part of walking to work this time of year; anot her beautiful sunrise.


7 thoughts on “Centre St bridge at sunrise

    1. Hi Leslie, nice to hear from you. it was a nice morning for a walk, I don’t remember exactly 0C or 32F so not too bad. today will be colder -7C this morning or about 19F so we will have to dress a little warmer today!


  1. Love this. Almost makes me want to get up early one morning. But we live in a valley and by the time the sun peeks over the mountains, there’s no more color in the sky. We go from dark, to gray, to blue almost every morning.


    1. so not only would you have to get out of bed, you have to scale a mountain, in the dark! It sounds like a challenge, let me know if you make it one morning, until then I will try to show you a few more sunrises.


      1. No mountain scaling. You just have to get up early enough to get out to Mojave National Preserve for a sunrise- about an hour and a half drive.

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