Over the last year I have been posting more to Instagram than to my blog. Working full time has had an impact on the time and energy that I have available for both my photography projects and to my blog, so I have turned to Instagram, and a photo-a-day, almost everyday…..

I still see photographic opportunities everyday, but carrying my DSLR for the 30  minute walk, back and forth to the office was something I wasn’t eager to do. Couple that with the growth and improvement of phone photography, I decided to explore phoneography, so I have been following several phone-photographers, watching their art develop, and exploring the different apps that are available. 

I hope you will follow along for the next couple of month while I share my Instagram photostream, the inspiration behind the photos, and some of my favourite Instagram photographers.

Some days days I will show you my morning or evening walk if the light or weather is inspiring, or I might be inspired by a quote from my art a day calendar! Today’s photo was inspired by FatMumSlim and her #fmsphotoaday. The challenge was to photograph a “flat lay” defined as ….”A flat is basically when you’re shooting items from directly above. Usually those items will be arranged or styled on a flat surface.”

I decided I would “flat lay” my sewing kit, it is like a giant puzzle with endless possibilities and no piece ever in the wrong place!! My sewing kit hasn’t seen this much activity in years, and I think I am going to enjoy the endless possibilities….

Let me know what you would “flat-lay” or where you find inspiration, it would be nice to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Interesting fork in the road, Janice. I hope you won’t completely abandon us old fashioned blogger types. A “Flat Lay” is an interesting concept, however. I might adopt that term for my occasional ceiling shots (such as in a cathedral or other ornate space) when I lay the camera flat on the floor, pointing upwards. As I look at your very cool design with sewing kit material, I was wondering if one of those “Selfie Sticks” would be a useful device for getting a straight down look at the subject.


    1. Hi Robin, I look forward to some of your lay-flat images while I practise some flat-lay images! I think a selfie stick would be helpful! I will have to see what I can do to getting that straight down shot, but then I also have to make sure the camera isn’t blocking the light! This will continue to challenge me for a little while. I won’t abandon the blog and am hoping to re-vitalize the blog again. Even get back to the after-before once a month now that the steep learning curve of returning to work and a new job has settled down. thanks for taking a moment to touch base, it is nice to hear from you.

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      1. Hi, Janice, following up on the “Flat Lay” concept, I was chatting yesterday with a fellow member of our artists group. She is a painter and was talking about her recent adoption of Instagram as another way to spread the word. In looking over her recent posts, several reminded me of your discussion here. Her approach is to find ways to juxtapose her works in a tableau scene, some of them being from the “Flat Lay” angle. She was intrigued with the term as she had not heard it before. Anyway, here is a sample:

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  2. wonderful buttons! and what a novel idea – flat photography.
    and yet i seem to do a lot of that when i am on the west coast of Vancouver Island, walking along the beach with the majestic Pacific roaring in the background.
    congrats on a new job! i know what you mean about balancing time between everything, on top of working full time. and congrats on your instagram adventure.
    it seems that time becomes more compressed, or that the seconds tick faster, with each new year. in the last couple of years i have retired a couple of blogs in order to keep my main one going and that seems to have been a good decision. ironically, a couple of people signed up to follow one of them well after the last post which indicated that there would be no more posts 🙂
    so here’s to the joy of blogging. thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hi Pix & Kardz, so nice to hear from you. the steep adjustment curve of a new job seems to be leveling off, and I am finding a little more time to think of the things outside work. I think the idea of looking down over things to photography them is not new, but I didn’t have a name for it before. What is new is laying out a lot of objects in a pattern, deconstructing somethings to show all of the pieces. It was meditative!
      thank-you for taking time to connect with me, and help give me a place to share my work! chat soon!


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