window seat

it has been a while since I have posted any images on the blog; working full-time has kept me busy and away from blogging; I have been slightly more active on Instagram. The idea posting images and not having to think about something witty, or inspiring to write about, and not needing string an intelligent sentence together has made Instagram the go to platform for me.

I, however have missed my time here, the time I spent posting, and the time I spent reading other posts from my blogging friends. I have missed the community of  blogging photographers, the photography challenges, and the discussions about the work and the images that were being posted.

Really two things happened; first I felt like I need to make a full commitment to the job, this as many of you know takes time and energy. But many photographer-bloggers have full-time jobs and  still manage to make time for blogging, am still trying to figure how I can do both, if I can do both!

I think one of the other things that happened, is the regular routine. I realize for some people this regular routine allows them to take their free time and do all of their inspiring creative work. I have found that the regular routine, with my thoughts filled with work I was unable to find my way to the blog!

I am hoping to spend a little time thinking about how to re-engage my photography and the blogging, I might have to be satisfied with posting images, I don’t know! I would love to hear from you, how do you stay inspired, what is your secret to showing up and getting your blog posted, is procrastination a problem? I look forward to hearing from you. _25a0159

The photo, just in case you are interested, was taken yesterday, during our early morning flight to Puerto Vallerata, Mexico.


4 thoughts on “window seat

  1. I do not have a job and find it difficult to post a weekly blog! My thought for this year is to not put pressure on myself and post what I like and not what I think others are wanting from me. I may still do a weekly blog or otherwise go to monthly. I still love blogging so want to keep it somewhere within arms reach. All the best.


    1. Hi Wendy, so lovely to hear from you, your photography and blog is wonderful and inspiring, I will try not to put too much pressure on myself, but I think I need to set some goals and be a little more conscious about the goals. Thanks for staying with me; and for the encouragement.


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