Jan 30 to Feb 3, 2017 on Instagram






Despite the cold, -18C one day, I continue to walk to work, but I have changed my walking route. During the week a different bridge each day.

Bill dropped me of close to downtown, and I have been meeting him at the end of the day, at the same place he dropped me off. The change of my daily walk caused confusion on one occasion, when I, so use to following the same route headed out with my mind full of work, and walked the wrong way! Thanking my lucky stars for the cellphone, I called Bill, and luckily he had his phone with him, so I was left standing on the street corner in the freezing cold for too long.

The walk to work has inspired the morning commute series. Sunrise this week will be just after 8 am, and if the skies are clear we will start to get light in the eastern sky as early as 7:30am. I am looking forward to watching and photographing the changing light over the next few weeks.

Does your daily routine inspire you? How do you inspire your creativity?


13 thoughts on “Jan 30 to Feb 3, 2017 on Instagram

    1. I have two things going for me! I get up with it, so with the right cloths it is possible, and I have little heaters called pocket pals in my mittens! They keep your fingers safe from frostbite, and it is only a 25 minute walk….I am glad to hear you like the photos!


    1. Hi Stewart, while you don’t have to commute to work, you could go for a walk, Morning walk about has a nice sound to it! It has been quite the winter every where, I can’t remember a winter that has been this cold with this much snow that has lasted for so long.


  1. You & Bill have obviously moved closer to downtown since we last communicated. I’m guessing that you are maybe in Crescent Heights area or perhaps Sunnyside?

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    1. Hi Thomas, It is nice to hear you like the images it 8s nice to get such positive feedback. We have not moved; we drive down into Renfrew or Cresent heights and walk the rest of the way. It is a good way to start the day.


  2. What a great idea, though I wouldn’t try it here in Las Vegas. And my commute is about 35 miles one way so I would have to leave the house Friday night to get here by Monday morning. Anyway, can’t wait to see more walking to work photos as the sun rises earlier and earlier!

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