Camono to Santiago de Compostela; Najera to Burgos 

It has been several days without a blog post, below a brief copy from my notes each day….

Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada 21.9k, 30,500 steps, 5.5 hours, we did stop, coffee and a sandwich, only once, then 1/2 hour behind a bluff of trees out of the wind for for a rest, it was sunny and warm and a perfect place for a little nap. The  rest of the day we walked with a 25k wind blowing in our face, the day would have been easy walking had it not been for the wind…

Fields of grain crops, so many shades of green. 

To day was long, but not tough, warm no wind Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado, 22k, 32500 steps 6.5hrs, lots of small towns and lots of breaks for coffee and lunch. Walking along a dirt road that ran parallel to highway N120 most of the day, one of the few days I don’t recall hearing the birds.

Beladorado to San Juan de Ortega 24k, 6.5 hrs  37,000 steps. Hot 21C, very little wind. During the first 12 k we past through 4 little towns, lots of places to stop for a rest and a coffee. During the second 12k the route past through a forested area with no town. The guide books all remind those travelling to fill up with water and we packed a lunch and at the Montes de Oca we found picnic benches, a perfect place for a comfortable lunch. 
On the camino there are times when there are people walking in front of you and people walking behind you, we are all part of the stream of people and I can just follow along. Other times there is no one around and it is like being on a scavenger hunt always looking for the next arrow, the next camino marker, as reassurance we are on the right road!

San Juan de Ortega 24.9k just over 41,000 steps  and about 7 hrs. We walked the alternate route into Burgos, west of the airport, following the river onto the city. This route brought us right into city center. We had decided to take a couple of days off and rented an apartment not far from the cathedral, we were struggling to find a street sign to make sure we were in the right place when a lady offered assistance and took us  right to the door, as it turned out we weren’t far from where we need to be but it was still wonderful to have the assistance.  

We have arrived in Burgos to find the Fiesta de la Flores is on, wonderful flower displays are being set up through the downtown, I hope to have photos and a blogs post soon! 

Buen Camino 


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