The Yellow Camino Arrow 

Near Hospital de Orbigo the arrows along the Camino were a little confusing! Follow the arrows to the Puente (bridge) to reach the historic bridge. 

Confusing and almost miss directed…..those who walk the Camino follow the yellow arrows with a certain faith/knowledge that we will get to the next place on the map by following the yellow arrows. Walking into Hospital de Orbigo we were faced with arrows pointing in two different directions.  In 2012 when we walked the Camino Francis the first time, we made the choice to go left rather than straight through, this was a mistake, we knew that turning left would take us out to the highway, not into town where we wanted to go.

It is clear that some of the arrows have been painted out and there has been an effort to misdirect walkers. Following the arrows to your left and you will, as we did in 2012 walk through an industrial section, along the highway, walking this direction will add an hour to your travel time to get into the town.

On other sections of the Camino we have been able to trust the arrows, this one is confusing and a guidebook or a good map is essential. I use the Kindle app on my phone to access two different books for information. Using digital copies of the two books and the information is always available with no extra weight. We also use the Mapme app on the smartphone, it uses GPS and the information we need is accessible when we are offline.

Buen Camino

4 thoughts on “The Yellow Camino Arrow 

  1. As a lover of things cartographic, I’ve always felt you can’t have too many maps! Interesting story. I wonder if similar misdirections back in days of yore were used by robbers lurking in the woods to take advantage of those who made the wrong choice. Hmm….this could be a plot for a Stephen King novel, “The Yellow Arrow.”

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