​Melida to Aruza; Camino to Santiago De Compostela 

Moon over Melide;  LRM_EXPORT_20170616_144430-1359x905
Moon over Melide;

​We left Melida just before 7 am to walk the 14k to Aruza; despite the short distance we headed out early as the days are getting hot, temperatures of 31C were expected.

Beautiful morning along the Camino IMG_20170616_163744_581
Beautiful morning walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela, lovely treelined walking paths in Galicia.

We walked down beautiful country lanes.

crossing the small creek on a stone bridge

Crossed small creeks on stone bridges.

But most magical of all was passing through the eucalyptus forest. As the trees grow it sheds a layer of bark, ribbons of bark fall away revealing the smooth new layer below, and the soft smell of eucalyptus hung in the air.

eucalyptus bark falling from the tree, all twisted and peeling. The smell of the eucalyptus is strongest in the morning.

Two more walking days to Santiago De Compostela.

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