Santiago de Compostela; Camino Francis 

We have arrived

We have arrived; Bill and Janice in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Our final day, we left O Pedrouzo about 6:30am, it was 20C and the humidity was 94%! By the time we arrived at the cathedral it was 31C and the humidity was down to 54%!

The 5-hour walk was hot and muggy, the final hills in no way seemed as hard as what we had done since leaving St. Jean Pied de Port but with the heat, they were not easy either.

One of the great things about doing the Camino a second time has been all the memories that have been jarred loose, things forgotten suddenly remembered with the visual clue.

We are looking forward to visiting some favorite sites in Santiago de Compostela.

looking at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, Spain


two glasses of Sangria to celebrate the long Camino

According to the Camino office we were among the 1514 people to register and receive the Compostela for completing their Camino. Approximately 15% walked the 799 km from St. Jean Pied de Port as we did, others were either on different routes or started at one of the many cities along the Camino Francis.

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