Calgary Business Portraits – Glenn Labelle

Glenn Labelle, Kernaghan Adjusters - Calgary Business Portraits 2017
Glenn Labelle, Kernaghan Adjusters – Calgary Business Portraits 2017

I love when someone from my past contacts me and requests my help updating their business portraits.  I have known Glenn for many years, almost as many years as I have (had) worked in the insurance industry. Not just another friend from the industry I eventually went to work with him at Hansen Labelle. I was honoured that he contact me when he wanted to update his business portrait.

Why are professional profile images important?  Social media expert, Catherine Saykaly-Stevens of The Network Web, she suggests a good recognizable photo showing eye contact with the view is essential for establishing connection, and I couldn’t agree more, as it promotes your professional presence. People want to connect with you and when they can see who you are they are more likely to make that connection. It is possible, in fact most likely that that your profile image might be the first time they see you, read and/or learn about you, it might just be their first impression of you, and we all know how important that first impression can be.

I will write more on how to prepare for you business portrait in another post, for now know that if you want the world to see you as a professional then your portraits should be more that a selfie taken in the bathroom mirror or one of your holiday snapshots (unless you are a bathroom designer or a travel advisor)!


One thought on “Calgary Business Portraits – Glenn Labelle

  1. What? No selfies? My business portrait is about 6 years old but I keep telling myself I haven’t aged much so why bother updating it? Plus I’ll be retiring by the end of this year. But I did know a woman who was using a business portrait that was several noticeable years and several noticeable pounds earlier. There comes a time when you have to update, no matter how painful! 🙂

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