old watches and timepieces at the street market

This is a photo I taken while visiting Madrid’s famous Rastro Flea Market; the Rastro runs through a maze of streets and to say it is well attended is an understatement!

Cheap clothing, luggage of all shapes and sizes, old records, even older photos and postcards of Madrid, faux designer purses, household goods and electronics are the main fare. Antiques and jewellery are a big draw, in the photograph a line of pocket watches. It is hard for me to tell if the watches are really old, or replicas made to look old.

Why did I repost this photo? I could start by saying it is “timeless” but that would be a really bad pun! When I originally posted the image it received quite a few comments, and it is one of the image I have thought of ordering a print for our home. I have added it to my society6 page  

I would love to get your feedback on the image, and even my society6 page if you visit there, oh and I would love to hear any other really bad pun you can think of for the image, I love puns!



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