Bok Choy

bok choy_25A3652
bok choy; on the windowsill

I trying something new; aside from giving me an opportunity to practise my macro and close-up photography and hopefully, I hope to be eating some fresh vegetables that I have grown.

I have always loved the idea of gardening, I love spring, when we start to see the plants wake after a long winter, and I love the idea of growing my own vegetables. I idea of growing some of these vegetables from those end bits that we normally throw away is even more fun.

So far I have tried bok choy, soon we will be adding these to our salads. I have tried celery, it is growing beautifully, the leafy ends have started to sprout and getting longer, although I anticipate it will be a while before I am harvesting any long stocks or enough for more than a snack.

I am not too interested in potatoes or sweet potatoes, they take up a lot of room on my from patio, but I am interested if you have any other suggestions for vegetables I can try growing? I will keep you posted on my little garden.


7 thoughts on “Bok Choy

  1. We get to grow all our veggies outside 🙂 This year we are trying to grow ginger root & celery. Last year’s peppers, tomatoes and various herbs grew like crazy in our back yard. The vines did well – have to update you on the wine we made – not quite aged enough yet to try. The table grapes, cherries and peaches were lovely 🙂

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    1. HI Stewart; ginger root, how did that go? were you able to harvest it for the winter? We usually grow tomatoes and different herbs, but this is the first time I have tried growing stuff like bok choy and celery from the leftover bits! nice to hear from you, it sounds like you have a great garden.


  2. Fun! And to think about how to photograph what you are growing is a great idea. The photo of the Bok Choy makes me hungry. In my new digs I need to find new pots that fit my smaller deck. I love having spring here!


  3. Great idea to grow veg from the leftover bottom bit. I grow lots of veggies in pots. Carrots are really frondy and pretty and I plant them quite crowded. Dwarf french beans. Beetroot is a double crop – pick some of the leaves for use in salad and then pull up the beetroots in the summer or autumn to eat (again, I overcrowd them), Mix up the veggies planted to give a multi coloured leaf display.


  4. thanks Otto; not everyone has the time, the space or the desire to garden, and all three are in short supply around my place as well, but it is fun to have a little windowsill garden and try different things. thanks for taking time to comment I appreciate hearing from you


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