Last Day of 2018, looking back and looking forward!

blue glass paperweight and tinfoil used to create an abstract

It has been a while since I have written a blog post, during 2018 I seem to spend a great deal of time sorting, organizing, moving or discarding as we moved, downsized to a condo. A place that is close to the river with lots of walking paths, natural areas yet close to the center of town for shopping, restaurants, festivals, and activities.  While the move has been good for us, lots of walking, less time in traffic, it has taken a lot of time and energy, and I haven’t been inspired to pick up my camera too often.

For me December is a time to reflect back on the year, and what do I want to do next year.  I have a couple of projects that I will share with you as they evolve,  for now, I have decided to take on a 52-week photo challenge.

I wanted something that will inspire me, pick up the camera, a community that I can learn from and who would share their work, and to some degree of accountability and encouragement. After reviewing a few websites I came across they offer a guided weekly photography challenge.

Last week’s challenge was to combine three previous challenges, my first submission celebrating the imperfections (week 4 wabi-sabi) of the blue (week 2) glass paperweight, I was able to create an abstract (week 16) and in the process discovered a new universe.

I am pretty happy with the results, next week’s challenge could be a deal breaker – a self-portrait, like most people I hate having my photo taken. Like so many, I am critical of how I look, feel awkward in front of a camera, and generally have more fun hiding behind the camera! 52framers provide lots of links, great information, and inspiration on self-portraiture. I admire those who choose this theme a long-term project.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best to you and your family in 2019. Wish me luck on my 52-week photography challenge and stay tuned to see what I am inspired to photograph, and let me know if you are working on a weekly challenge.

4 thoughts on “Last Day of 2018, looking back and looking forward!

  1. Good luck with your challenge and I look forward to seeing some of the photos as they always inspire me to expand my own skills at taking photos. My New Years challenge is the same as previous years; to exercise more, eat more healthily and lose weight. I am getting better at keeping this resolution now that I am retired and have more time but it is true what they say, the older you get the harder it is to lose weight you have already ‘collected’. You have given me an idea though, I could combine some walking with taking photos. I hate walking for the sake of walking, I need some sort of purpose eg going to the shops, so maybe some countryside photography is also a good reason for a walk, regardless of the weather.


    1. Hi Lesley, lovely to hear from you, Bill and I love walking, and we now live in a wonderful area along the river where there are miles of walking paths, but I am like you, I need to have more of a purpose than getting our 10,000 steps a day! I carry my camera everywhere, Sometimes, although not lately, I spend so much time taking pictures it is hard to get anywhere! Thanks for cheering me along on the 52frames challenge, all the best to you and the family in 2019.


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