52 frames weekly photo challenge – Self-portrait

self-portrait, reflection in the store window, with photo of model appears to be looking at me, the photographer
oh oh oh, people are looking at me!

This weeks challenge was to create a self-portrait, something I was not looking forward to. As a photographer, I am much more comfortable holding a camera than getting my picture taken. The 52Frames website provided a number of links and I recommend a read if you are interested in creating a self-portrait, or using this as a theme for an ongoing project, the links and information were helpful and inspiring.

A google image search for self-portraits was most helpful and inspiring, there I found the work of Vivian Maier, combining street photography with self-portraiture use to catch her own reflection in shop windows, and mirrors. I felt that the self-portraits not only gave us some small insight into her but also daily life and the city in which she lived and worked.

While Vivian Maier used a twin reflex camera, one that you would look down through a mirror to frame your photo. I used both my DLSR and phone camera for this project. Both the phone and DLSR allowed me to frame the image like the twin reflex camera Ms. Maier used, and I found that helpful. It was quite amazing to me how much the angle of the camera, and where it was held changed the final image from what I saw with my own eyes.

Some of the other challenges, finding dark windows, there isn’t much of a reflection when a window has a light behind it. Dirty windows, and the stuff found in the window alway made a difference to the outcome. I also found that there were occasions when the double pane window showed up, almost as a double exposure, and I think the effect was magnified more when the camera was held more at an angle to the window, rather than straight on.

Have a look at results from this week, I would love to hear which image you think was most successful, and why. Have I inspired you to give it a try?

2 thoughts on “52 frames weekly photo challenge – Self-portrait

  1. What a neat idea. I like the self portrait of you in the third last photo mostly because I can see your eyes- no shades! Fun to put your reflection in the “Mona Lisa”.

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    1. Hi Carolynne, this was a lot more fun than I expected! It was also harder than I expected, luckily the weather was good this week and we had a lot of fun walking around the different areas of Calgary


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