A Week of Haiku

Ukelele on sheet music

Day 1

dandelion seeds
delicate tiny softly sail
toward your garden

Day 2

radius halos
wispy hazy cirrus clouds
crystals in the sky

Day 3

love is like a tree
growing of its own accord
despite the hardships

Day 4

towering shadows
flowers along the pathway
Warm evening ramble

Day 5

soft drizzle of rain
rush hour traffic inches
along the wet street

Day 6

The wind deploying
the prairie grasses waving
clouds sailing away

Day 7

haiku and photos
summer awakens for me
daily amazement

I challenged myself to write a haiku a day for one week, and as I am a photographer my inspiration would come from the photos I had taken. I have completed the challenge. Here are my thoughts, it was harder than I had first imagined it might be, more importantly, it was fun and interesting, and I’ve learned a few things about haiku poetry.
Here are the rules as explained by the Society of Classic Poets;
1. Be three lines of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables.
2. Contain a nature or seasonal reference.
3. Be in the present tense (swims rather than swam).
4. Be subtle and observational.
5. Contain some sort of twist in the third line.
6. Not worry about rhyming.

Rule 6 was easy to live with, not rhyming is easier that rhyming! The haiku poems I wrote this week were more observational than subtle that would be the photographer in me, full disclosure, I have never been known for my subtly. The poems contained some mention of nature, and with all poems but one, the first poem, I managed the right number of syllables in each line.
I think it would take a lifetime to be really good.
Tell me, did you enjoyed the play between poetry and pictures this week? Are you interested in seeing more?

6 thoughts on “A Week of Haiku

  1. Day 3 … so good! the use of this particular black and white image with the haiku is a pairing that really drew me in.

    will we ever be as the trees
    growing and leafing out despite the hardships?

    Day 6 … this haiku is all about movement for me: deploying, waving, sailing! Your choice of using the word, “deploying” is well placed in the first line as everything else proceeds from it for me.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Carolynne, so nice to hear from you, and it is nice to hear that you have been inspired by the haiku, it has been an interesting challenge, and I do think I will try to keep up the practise.


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