Does anyone else see the face of a fox? Yes I also see things in the shapes of the clouds! Endless stories…

Calla lily grace to honor your strengths we will miss you . .

I woke this morning to the news that a friend has passed away. Losing a good friend is never easy, my heart goes out to the family who sustained a loss much greater than mine. This news leaves me a little numb, and more than a little sad. These last few months have not been easy, as we social distance, I have missed my friends, I have missed laughing, crying, hugging, and spending time with you. I have missed the shared moments of friendship that build memories and sustain us. Please take care, and stay in touch.

Haiku wonderment the mind stops and the heart moves honor for the moment orchids from @inglewoodfloral #dailyhaiku #fridaymotivation