Mining for Gold; Scanning old Photos

2.5 years of cuteness!

2.5 years of cuteness! 

I have not had a lot of time for photography! After a year of photography, travelling and blogging, it feels a little strange to be so far away from some of the things that have been a major part of my life for so long. But returning to Calgary, returning to  full-time employment, getting back into our home, and unpacking our lives from the storage locker has left little time for creative ventures! Adjusting to a normal life back home has been time-consuming to say the lease! I am happy to say that things are returning to normal and a routine is developing, so I am hoping to get back to more photography, photography related activities and possibly sharing some of that on the blog.

Before we left on our year-long adventure I had packed up all the old photos, slides, and negatives, it took more than two large Rubbermaid bins to hold all the photos, film and memories. Not many of the photos would win gold in a photo competition, but they do bring a smile to my face, and are pure gold on the “wonderful memory” scale. Isn’t that the reason most photos are taken?!

I wasn’t keen on keeping these large Rubbermaid bins, full of memories that are not tagged or catalogued, so I purchased a new scanner, and just this weekend I spent an hour setting up the scanner and scanning one sheet of old negatives, like the Grinch at Christmas, my heart grew 10x it’s size as I viewed the old pictures.

Starting in September I will spend a little time each week, going through the old photos and film, and maybe even sharing some of those memories on the blog. I hope you are having a great summer, and that you have found something that brings a smile to your face.

Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination. Henry David Thoreau

our world in Calgary is a little wet today! I hope you enjoy the rain!

short visit to Australia


We had a short sweet visit to Austalia. Only 3 days in Sydney, this is as close to the famous opera house as we found time to get. It is a lovey view, don’t you think! 


reflections next door

abstract lines and refllections; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

abstract lines and refllections; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015 

Working a regular day job, following the same routine everyday can numb the creativity, well at least for me!

The routine, walking the same way to work, seeing the same things, the same people, coming home at the same time everyday, all the sameness (if that is a word) and I seem to stop looking and celebrating the beauty and special moments of my day. Then there are the times when I do see something, I mean really see it, take notice, I rarely have my camera with me.

This image was taken while I was standing in a co-worker’s office, I had gone in with a question, noticed the light reflecting from our building onto the building next door. I was determined not to let the image pass, I pulled out my iphone and snapped the image. I love how the circles of light contrast the hard lines and squares of the building next door to us.

I have been taking a lot more Iphone photos.  you can find me on instagram, it has been the easiest way to keep me connected to my photography, and the beauty I find during the day while working full time at a regular day job!

Do you carry a camera with you all the time, if so what camera?

Capture the good times………

“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important, capture the good times. Develop the negatives and if something doesn’t work out for you, take another shot” – Unknown

Ripples of water; Alhambra fountain

ripples; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

ripples; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

“let our solitude be washed away by water and let our emptiness be filled with love”  Water Poon

One of the beautiful fountains of the Alhambra in Granada Spain reminds me of the beautiful words of Water Poon. My weekend was filled with love, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.

Medieval bridge, Puenta la Reina, Spain

Medieval bridge_Puenta la Reina; copyright jmeyersforeman

Medieval bridge_Puenta la Reina; copyright jmeyersforeman  

After spending a little more than a year living out of a suitcase, enjoying the foot loose and fancy free lifestyle, we arrived home to Calgary in late February. Then, in mid April we moved back into our townhouse, we started to unpack the boxes, re-hang art work and filled the closets. We stocked shelves with some of our favourite food, and most importantly are now sleeping in our own very comfortable bed. We enjoyed our time away, but we seeing, and more importantly, visiting with family and friends.

During the last month I have also started a new job! Back into the insurance world with exciting new challenges, unfortuately it is all leaving very little time for photography. I think once I get use to the routine, and the home gets settled I will have more time, but for now photography has once again taken the back seat to work.

I do have a few images listed with Alamy, a stock photography website, and recently this image of the Puenta la Reina was purchased. While I won’t be getting rich with the sale, I am happy to say that it sold for more than the $1.00 per image that some sites are offering images for. I have been a regular contributor to the stock agency for a while and periodically sell and images, so the sale isn’t unusal, as I don’t have a lot of photography news to share with you, this seemed like a good opportunity to feature my Alamy home page.

I will continue to process images, adding them to the stock site when I can, I am hoping to starting doing more family portraits on the weekend again and I will continue blogging, once I get a new routine established.

From the archive: traffic in Budapest

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