The Christmas Market Diet

The Christmas Market Diet; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

The Christmas Market Diet; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014  

Bill and I have spent the last month travelling around Germany, visiting several Christmas Markets, and while each is unique in location and presentation, they all seem to have a few things in common. Two things you will find at every market, food and children’s rides.

Bill and I have done our best to test and taste sample as many different varieties of Frankfurt, sausage sandwiches and wine as we can! The Coburg sausage is a 12 inch sausage with a 3 inch bun! I love their little ceramic mugs. It was set in a beautiful square in the center of town. It was raining, but we found a beautiful little spot with log tables where we could stand and savour our lunch.

After a month of Christmas Markets we are off to Amsterdam. I think they have a Christmas Market that we will visit, and there will be more photos of Christmas Markets and the cities we have visited. But it is time for a change both of scenery and of diet.

Bamberg Germany and the World of Beer

Bamberg Beer; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

Bamberg Beer; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

There are nine independent breweries around the beautiful heritage city, and 60 breweries in the surrounding countryside. According to the guide we were given at the tourist information, this region boasts a unique diversity of beers and the highest density of breweries, a tradition that goes back almost 1000 years.
We are going to do our best to visit the nine that are in the city! I doubt if I will be very helpful at describing the different beers, but with any luck, and auto-focus on the camera I should have an interesting photo or two before the week is over.

Bamberg Germany

Old Town Hall, Bamberg Germany; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

Old Town Hall, Bamberg Germany; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

How time fly’s by, Bill and I visited Bamberg Germany for the first time April 2011! We loved it so much when the opportunity to spend this month in Germany photographing Christmas Markets came up, we knew that the Bamberg Christmas Market would be on the list of places to see. 

We have spent a couple of days wandering the streets, visiting the familiar tourist attractions, as well as some of the coffee shops and breweries that we had visited before. We have also found some new favourites. 

This is the old town hall, and it doesn’t matter how many times I walk by, or which bridge I am on when I see it I think about taking a photo. According to legend the bishop of Bamberg would not grant the citizens any land for the construction of a town hall, so the townsfolk rammed huge wooden beams into the river Regnitz to create an artificial island on which they built the town hall. The location marks the old border of rule between the bishop, the ruling clergy and the local trades people on the island city. 

Old Town Hall, Bamberg Germany; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

Old Town Hall, Bamberg Germany; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

the old town hall at night. 


Berlin Christmas Markets

We have managed to visit several of Berlin’s famous Christmas markets. They all have plenty of Christmas lights, Christmas Carols playing in the background, and children’s rides. Some markets looked more like amusement parks with Christmas decorations than Christmas markets but everyone was having a good time.

Food, there was lots of food,  bratwurst on a bun, there was mulled wine, beer as well as hot chocolate, of course cookies and candies of every description, you could even get cotton candy.  Some markets had roast piglet on a spit, crepes, cheeses and roasting Chestnuts.

It seemed like an endless choice of decorations to buy, as well as jewellery, art, pottery and lights. There was woolen sweaters, coats, caps and mittens, sheepskin slippers, mittens and caps. One market had wooden outdoor furniture, and another Christmas tree were for sale.

Some of the markets had ice skating rinks and ice bocci, just for the record we watched, it was fun and there was no falling down and getting hurt or breaking the camera! One market had hot water radiators set up with benches so we could stay warm, and a small bonfire where the kids were roasting marshmallows.

The best time to visit was just after dark, when all the lights were on. It was usually busy at that time of the day, crowds of people could make photography difficult, but the markets look better when filled with people!

High resolution images are available for viewing and or purchase in my gallery 

Autobahn @ 230 k/hr

Bill and I were lucky, one of the gentlemen that he was meeting with this week was driving from Würzburg to Bamberg today and offered us a ride in his new very comfy Audi suv.

So rather than carrying our luggage to the train station and onto the train, and then back to yet another cab and hotel we rode in the lap of luxury and watched the country side go by…………

The Residence of Wurzberg Germany

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Sunday April 3, 2011 Bill and I had a great day in Würzburg.  One of the site we toured was “The Residence in Würzburg”  Napoleon called it the “loveliest parsonage in Europe” and UNESCO made it a world heritage site in 1981.  No photos were allowed of the interior which has been completely restored.  On Mar 16, 1945 Würzburg was bombed and the Residence was completely destroyed.  Since that time, with the aid of documents and photographs about 30 of the 300 rooms have been restored.

Here are a couple of  pictures of the garden, and exterior. Unlike home spring here is well on its way many of the trees are starting to leaf out, some are even blooming. The daffodils are blooming, pansies have been planted, and it was lovely to be in the garden.