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Autumn Texture and Leaves _25A9851
Autumn Texture and Leaves; “How pleasant to walk over beds of these fresh, crisp, and rustling fallen leaves…. —Thoreau, October 12, 1853

Weekly review; I try to learn something new every day, where has just a few of the interesting things I have discovered and thought I might share with you.

  1. From the Paris review; the first abstract painter was a woman; She worried that the world wasn’t ready to see them, and when she died in a tram accident, in 1944, at the age of eighty-one, her will ordained that they not be shown for at least another twenty years. More of her work can be found here. 
  2. I find inspiration in so many places; Austin Kleon has some great Inspirational in stains and textures. 
  3. This was helpful; learning how to seed a pomegranate.
  4. On being a fearless artist I love his reminder about finding our purpose.
  5. “If you are ever bored or blue, stand on the street corner for half an hour,” writes Maira Kalman.” I love this quote from “On Looking: A Walker’s guide to the Art of Observation” that I am currently reading. I love people watching!
  6. From Brain Pickings; review of Anne Lamont “Notes on Hope” … in the wreckage of this hardship, we find our most redemptive potentialities: Brain Pickings is one of my favorite weekly reads, with book and writer reviews, if you are looking for something to read check Brain Pickings
  7. Mel Robbins tells us about the “Zeigarnik Effect.” State your goals and your mind will program itself to spot opportunities to help you create it in real life. Read more about it here 
  8. I am watching a few Lightroom video’s learning how to create page templates in the print module.

That is just some of the highlights from my week, what have you been reading? let me know so I can learn along with you.

Have a great week


IMG_8631 tango 3
Tango Dancing across the cobblestones

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love ”
Leonard Cohen

I love this quote, Leonard Cohen’s poetry and music touch the soul. I seem to have a lot going on right now, but some of it is just busy work, including looking back and sorting old photos, while working on new ideas. Thinking about where I have been, and what I have done while planning what is next. The ongoing dance of evaluating what has happened and planning where I what to go, and projects that will touch my soul.

I do have to be careful, busy work can keep me from the hard work, thinking and planning about what is next.

Ideas are wonderful but they need plans; without a plan, nothing gets done. Decisions about what projects or ideas to move forward and on but how to move forward. This means, at least for me, weekly and even daily tasks. The ideas, plans, and tasks can, and do get amended, just like dancers on a crowded dance floor, watching, turning, sometimes moving backward, but there has to be a plan and a good lead.

Busy work can feel good, like I have ticked off a bunch of tasks in a day, planning work can difficult, initiating a new project can be, at least for me, daunting, there is, at the beginning no forward momentum, sometimes there is doubt about where and how to start, who to bring into the conversation first, it’s like waiting for the music to start and “lift me like an olive branch….”





Be Still and Breath

Treasures at the Beach; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Treasures at the Beach; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

I wrote last week that I was enrolled in an online still life course, BeStill 52; the class manifesto from  Kim:

I believe ….. there are bits of lovely everywhere….stop, PAUSE… look…see…
Shadow, light…. lines and cracks…the weathered, the worn….tattered, torn….
Life is messy………ups, downs… ins …. outs….
Amongst it all… there’s beauty …just waiting to be found

I too believe there is beauty everywhere, we just have to take time to see it. We have been spending time reading and relaxing at the beach, walking down the shoreline and find little treasures.

A simple subject, and an uncluttered background! I hope you are having a great weekend.