Camono to Santiago de Compostela; Najera to Burgos 

It has been several days without a blog post, below a brief copy from my notes each day….

Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada 21.9k, 30,500 steps, 5.5 hours, we did stop, coffee and a sandwich, only once, then 1/2 hour behind a bluff of trees out of the wind for for a rest, it was sunny and warm and a perfect place for a little nap. The  rest of the day we walked with a 25k wind blowing in our face, the day would have been easy walking had it not been for the wind…

Fields of grain crops, so many shades of green. 

To day was long, but not tough, warm no wind Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado, 22k, 32500 steps 6.5hrs, lots of small towns and lots of breaks for coffee and lunch. Walking along a dirt road that ran parallel to highway N120 most of the day, one of the few days I don’t recall hearing the birds.

Beladorado to San Juan de Ortega 24k, 6.5 hrs  37,000 steps. Hot 21C, very little wind. During the first 12 k we past through 4 little towns, lots of places to stop for a rest and a coffee. During the second 12k the route past through a forested area with no town. The guide books all remind those travelling to fill up with water and we packed a lunch and at the Montes de Oca we found picnic benches, a perfect place for a comfortable lunch. 
On the camino there are times when there are people walking in front of you and people walking behind you, we are all part of the stream of people and I can just follow along. Other times there is no one around and it is like being on a scavenger hunt always looking for the next arrow, the next camino marker, as reassurance we are on the right road!

San Juan de Ortega 24.9k just over 41,000 steps  and about 7 hrs. We walked the alternate route into Burgos, west of the airport, following the river onto the city. This route brought us right into city center. We had decided to take a couple of days off and rented an apartment not far from the cathedral, we were struggling to find a street sign to make sure we were in the right place when a lady offered assistance and took us  right to the door, as it turned out we weren’t far from where we need to be but it was still wonderful to have the assistance.  

We have arrived in Burgos to find the Fiesta de la Flores is on, wonderful flower displays are being set up through the downtown, I hope to have photos and a blogs post soon! 

Buen Camino 

Navarrete to Najera 

17 k walk 

18 k wind 16C despite the sky only a sprinkle of rain, not really enough to settle the dust. To day we got a little damp, but not wet, the wind dried out our cloths as quickly as the rain cloud sprinkled a little rain.

Rocky, red clay road

Vineyards and olive trees 

No coffee, no rest stop until 3 k from the end where we found a picnic shelter and  stopped for a short rest and a  cookie.

3 1/2 hour walk, about 25,0000 steps. We arrived just after 11:30 am.  

Viana to Navarrete; Camino to Santiago de Compostela 

The church bell rang as we left Viana; it was 7:45 am. 23 k, approximately 35,000 steps and 6 hours we arrived in Navarrete. 

Today was another pleasant walk. Beautiful mural painted on the walls, on sign noted 661 kms to Santiago, arriving on Navarrete another sign said 575 kms. The miles are slowly being walked. 

Los Arcos to Viana; Camino to Santiago de Compostela 

It was a beautiful day; 18k, approx 33,000 steps and 5 hours. We walked mostly on country roads,  although the camino route did include some asphalt today. 

The weather was a little cloudy, but that meant it didn’t get to hot! We had a sprinkle of rain as we approached Viana, but not enough to get the rain gear out for. 

The spring flowers are blooming along the roadside, the crops are ripening in the fields, and we watched one sheep herder move his sheep down the road, he walked ahead, they followed, it all looked pretty routine for them, but not the group who gathered above to watch! 

There was a couple of beautiful churches, I will show you those images when I can properly edit them, and do a little more research on their history. 

All and all a lovely day, another short walk planned for tomorrow! 

Buen Camino 

Estella to Los Arcos

After a rainy day off on Estella we headed out this morning, it was a cool start to the day, but before long the sun was shining and it was a lovely 17 k walk. 

Beautiful countryside, I am editing photos and publishing the blog using my phone, not convenient for long stories, so I will let the photos speak for me! 

Camino to Santiago de Compostela; Pamplona to Uterga 

We started our slow steady climb to Cizur Menor, and the Alto de Perdon by walking between fields of wheat blowing in the wind. 

The climb steadily increase, the views of Pamplona and the valley below were stunning.

At Zarriquiegui a hamlet about 10k out of Pamplona, we rested for a bit in the 13th-century Romanesque Iglesia de San Andrés. Our timing was perfect, as these two gentleman were singing, it was a delightful and unexpected pleasure. 

It was very windy at the top of the Alto de Perdon, the iron sculptures of the first pilgrims, and if you look beyond the sculpture you can see windmills in the distance.  In 2016 wind energy was the second source of electrical generation in Spain and  Spain is the fifth country in terms of installed wind power. Every Alto seems to have dozens of these large windmills on them!  

Our journey today 17 k, 28500 steps 4C when we left this morning, cold wind blowing most of the day with a high of 13C. Sitting at the end of the day on a sunny patio, with a glass of wine,  we will remember this as another lovely day. 

Day 3; Larrasoana to Pamplona 

15k, 4 hour about 23,000 steps. 

Today was so much easier than the last couple of days, and we had time to spend people watching in the Plaza.  

I have a pinhole attachment I have been experimenting with it. The light meter on the camera doesn’t work, so each exposure requires some fiddling.  It is impossible to see through the viewfinder so framing the images is difficult, but I love the softness it provides. 

Roncevalles to Larrasoana; Day 2 of the Camino 

27 k, 8 hours of walking, 43000 steps. My feet were hot and tired, so I stuck them in the river to cool off! 

The walk, easier than yesterday, but not easy! We walked through little towns and hamlets, beside the pastures, and we crossed a lot of beautiful little creeks with stone bridges. The signs of spring is everywhere, trees and flowers are in bloom, baby horses and sheep in the pastures, and already the first hay crop has been cut. 

We have met people from Japan, Korea, Australia, Brazil and even a couple other Canadians. 

St. Jean Pied de Port to Roncevalles 

25 k, 9 hours, 44,000 steps 

We left St Jean Pied de Port about 7 am, crossing the historic river Nive along with many others. The camino office indicated to use just over 200 people were registered to start the Camino here. April is not the busiest if months, but the weather, at least today, is suitable for the long walk. The forecast for the next few days is more great weather. 

This stage of the camino is reported to be one of the hardest, and I  can honestly say we were exhausted by the end if the day, and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s walk.