Cute enough to take home; I don’t think my suitcase is going to be big enough!!!

One year ago today! hard to believe……….

jmeyersforeman photography

Cute enough to take home; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 Cute enough to take home; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

lots and lots of cute Christmas decorations fill the booths at the Christmas Markets. It is so much fun to walk around and see what people have to offer.

Today is our first day in Berlin, and there is so much to see at anytime of the year, and right now the streets and parks are all lit up with Christmas lights. There are more than 20 Christmas markets, filled with special surprises!

I don’t think we will get time to see everything, but we will give it a try.

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Angel Place Birdcages, Sydney Australia

Angel Place Birdcages, Sydney Australia: copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

Angel Place Birdcages, Sydney Australia: copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

From our visit to Sydney, last June….The Angel Place Birdcages were originally installed as a temporary exhibition, but they became so popular they have been kept in place. Another element of the installation is a recording of beautiful bird sounds that serve as yet another reminder of species not inhabiting the area any longer.

Kaslo British Columbia

Kaslo, lakeside; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015

Kaslo, lakeside; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015 

It was a dark grey day in Kaslo BC. Most of the stores were closed up for the season, in the windows were signs “see you May 2016.” We walked the quiet streets, checking out the store windows, when we came across this old building roof, floor, and and windows gone, it was covered with graffiti, the yellows and blues a perfect foible for the environment.

Bordeaux Train Station

Bordeaux France train station; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

Bordeaux France train station; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

One of the lovely old train stations Bill and I had the pleasure of spending a little time visit last year. I love the old clock, it and the architecture of the building are reminiscent of another period of time. Built in 1898, we can only image what it would have been like sitting waiting for the next train during the days of the old steam engine!

Just a little side note, this image catalogued with a stock agency. Stock photography is not a major source of income, but it does allow me to make available some of the many travel images in my personal catalogue for publication. It is always nice to hear that one is being utilized. That joyous “I’ve been picked” feeling, and a few extra pennies in my pocket for coffee! A nice way to start the day.

I hope yours starts with some good news.

Carly and Mike


Carly and Mike, another great portait session. We ran out time and light before we ran out of ideas! 

So much fun being in the country. 

Family Portrait in Confederation Park;

Calgary family portraits

Family Portraits; Confederation Park; Calgary

This is the 4th year I have spent a little time with Lindsay and her family, it is such a privilege to watch the kids grow up, and be a part of this family tradition. One I hope will continue for many years to come!

I have been so busy with my downtown job, I haven’t had time to spend a lot of time with my camera. I am happy to say that the last couple of weeks I have been busy taking all sorts of portraits, for different people, I will post a few more later in the week.

National Coffee Day!

Morning Espresso in a Green Glass cup, the perfect way to start the day

Morning Espresso in a Green Glass cup, the perfect way to start the day 

I hope both your coffee and your day is a great one.

Abundance, Joy and a happy weekend

“Not what we have but what we enjoy constitutes out abundance” Jean-Antoine Petit-Senn

I hope your weekend is filled with abundance 

It’s a colourful world;

a pilot getting his hot air balloon ready for flight

a pilot getting his hot air balloon ready for flight; copyright jmeyersforeman 

It has been a while since I attended a Balloon Festival, the High River International Balloon Festival is Scheduled for September 23 – 27th this year. There is lots of information available on their website if you are in the area, it is a great event to attend.

I had taken this image a few years ago, on Kodachrome slide film, the film type might just give a few of the readers an idea of just how long ago it was taken, the film has not been around for a long time!

This weekend I put the scanner to work, scanning a few of my old slides. It is a time-consuming process, especially when I find a lovely old image and I have to stop to process it, to get the best out of it! With this image I used Photoshop, Camera Raw, to crop out some distracting elements around the edges, then I added a little vibrancy, and contrast. I used the spot removal on a few spots that needed cleaning up.  From there I used Color Efex Pro, cool glow for the final image.

So much to learn about scanning, so many memories to revisit! Let me know if you have any good advise about scanning old film.

Mining for Gold; Scanning old Photos

2.5 years of cuteness!

2.5 years of cuteness! 

I have not had a lot of time for photography! After a year of photography, travelling and blogging, it feels a little strange to be so far away from some of the things that have been a major part of my life for so long. But returning to Calgary, returning to  full-time employment, getting back into our home, and unpacking our lives from the storage locker has left little time for creative ventures! Adjusting to a normal life back home has been time-consuming to say the lease! I am happy to say that things are returning to normal and a routine is developing, so I am hoping to get back to more photography, photography related activities and possibly sharing some of that on the blog.

Before we left on our year-long adventure I had packed up all the old photos, slides, and negatives, it took more than two large Rubbermaid bins to hold all the photos, film and memories. Not many of the photos would win gold in a photo competition, but they do bring a smile to my face, and are pure gold on the “wonderful memory” scale. Isn’t that the reason most photos are taken?!

I wasn’t keen on keeping these large Rubbermaid bins, full of memories that are not tagged or catalogued, so I purchased a new scanner, and just this weekend I spent an hour setting up the scanner and scanning one sheet of old negatives, like the Grinch at Christmas, my heart grew 10x it’s size as I viewed the old pictures.

Starting in September I will spend a little time each week, going through the old photos and film, and maybe even sharing some of those memories on the blog. I hope you are having a great summer, and that you have found something that brings a smile to your face.