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Bill and I spent yesterday wandering around Melbourne;  we visited the Royal Botanical Gardens, watched one of the graffiti artist in Hosier Lane, witnessed a group of small children learning to ride a skateboard and crowding onto the historic city tram #35 with all the other tourists!


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We have had a wonderful few days wandering the streets Fremantle Australia. We  visited the Art Center and learned a little about the aboriginal art. Of course we have been  enjoying the different restaurants and cafe’s, seeing the public art while we wandered the streets, and we have taken time to watching the sunset on the beach.

It has been a great way to recover from the about 28 hours in transit from our home in Calgary to Freemantle!

Today we are off to Melbourne for a few day before heading to Margaret River.

weekly instagram post

this week on instagram, my morning walk to work project. I will admit to being a  little preoccupied with work, there has been a lot going on at my full time job, so my brain, and therefore my eyes have not been seeing as much of the beautiful morning as I would have liked.

I have found that if my thoughts are tied up at work, I am not seeing what is around me as fully as I could be seeing. Being lost in my thoughts, thinking about work as I walk might be like sleepwalking. Walking the same route to work everyday plays a part in the sleepwalking, we see the same things twice a day, 5 days a week, at about the same time everyday, the routine can dull the senses.

Are you sleepwalking through your day, caught up in your routine, missing the beautiful of your surroundings, of the moment you are in?  I started this Walk to Work Instagram Project to help me become more conscious and enjoy the walk, hopefully take my mind off work! I hope you enjoy seeing the images from my walk to work.

The next three weeks we are off to Australia, and my morning walk to work project will begin again in May.

Family Fun

Just a couple of weeks so ago I was invited to take some family photos that were to be used as an announcement!

Erin and Ken had a plan, I was to capture the moment, Ms. D was having none of it. I love the way the plan always comes together. Allowing for the unexpected is essential and highly rewarding.

Thanks Erin and Ken for inviting me to share this time with you, and for allowing me to share your photos and your news! And special thanks to Ms.Dr for her smiles, giggles and hugs.

At the Fence


I spent a quiet weekend at the computer exploring the cache of old photos on the hard drive, and working with textures. There is a lot to learn when overlaying images with textures, and using multiple images together.

I still haven’t decided if this image is a complete success, but I am happy with the outcome for now, as a stage in learning. I am sure that as I work my way through the various lessons and ideas I will develop new skills.

I am curious, as the pony at the fence, to see where this might take my photography.

For those who are interested in using textured layers for developing images I would recommend Kim Klassen, who has a number of wonderful textures and on-line classes on using those textures.


This week…..

This week from my Instagram feed, the walk to work is rarely the same two days in a row! A couple of the images were posted for a photo-a-day photo challenge, a new word each day to inspire me. Click on the image to see the image in a large size.

Three of the four photos were taken and edited on my smartphone. With the 30 minute walk to work each day I am finding it much harder and harder to carry my camera with me.  I have found I am able to edit my photos using the tools provided in the gallery or photo app.  Then recently I decided to download the Lightroom Mobile app, and over the week I have been taking a little time to learn the features, wonderful! Loving it!

I hope you are enjoying your week, I would love to hear from you, has your routine changed lately, how has your photography adapting to that change.

Favorite Instagram Images this week

favourites from my Instagram feed this week.

The weather was nice, the walking was easy, and for some reason I haven’t quite figured out I didn’t take too many photo!

The image on the top right of the mosaic was a studio image, another “flat-lay” as I experimented with the light, shooting straight down, and having a shadowless image!

I participate in the “photo-a-day” challenge on Instagram, one word inspiration, from left, clockwise; path, hobbie, and out-of-place. Each day there is a new word, although I will admit that I don’t find, see or produce a photo for each day, I do find it inspiring and challenging.

I would like to hear from you, do you carry a camera with you everyday, if you do, how do you stay inspired?

Winter Textures

IMG_7120Winter textures of the Bow River near Banff Alberta.

Many times I will wander, or sometimes sit quietly, often the location tells me to sit or to keep moving, either way I will often isolate a feature, narrow my view to one spot.

While visiting Banff we were walking beside the Bow River, I was drawn to the contrast that exists within it’s banks; delicate snowflakes collect like dust on the large solid blocks of ice, long fragile icicles hang down while the tiny drops of water splash from the rushing waters. So many different textures all created by water.

My goal for this photo was to create an image that would communicate all the various textures available to me. How did I do, do you get a sense of winter textures from the image?

Delicate snow flakes dust the solid block of ice from which fragile icicles hang, tiny drops of water splash up from the rushing water of the Bow River. #fmsphotoaday #fms_texture #explorealberta #travelalberta #bow_river

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Playing along with #fmsphotoaday #fms_car #walked_to_work while others drive. #yycliving #yycmorning

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