Medieval bridge, Puenta la Reina, Spain

Medieval bridge_Puenta la Reina; copyright jmeyersforeman
Medieval bridge_Puenta la Reina; copyright jmeyersforeman  

After spending a little more than a year living out of a suitcase, enjoying the foot loose and fancy free lifestyle, we arrived home to Calgary in late February. Then, in mid April we moved back into our townhouse, we started to unpack the boxes, re-hang art work and filled the closets. We stocked shelves with some of our favourite food, and most importantly are now sleeping in our own very comfortable bed. We enjoyed our time away, but we seeing, and more importantly, visiting with family and friends.

During the last month I have also started a new job! Back into the insurance world with exciting new challenges, unfortuately it is all leaving very little time for photography. I think once I get use to the routine, and the home gets settled I will have more time, but for now photography has once again taken the back seat to work.

I do have a few images listed with Alamy, a stock photography website, and recently this image of the Puenta la Reina was purchased. While I won’t be getting rich with the sale, I am happy to say that it sold for more than the $1.00 per image that some sites are offering images for. I have been a regular contributor to the stock agency for a while and periodically sell and images, so the sale isn’t unusal, as I don’t have a lot of photography news to share with you, this seemed like a good opportunity to feature my Alamy home page.

I will continue to process images, adding them to the stock site when I can, I am hoping to starting doing more family portraits on the weekend again and I will continue blogging, once I get a new routine established.


Walking the Meseta, Camino to Santiago de Compostela

Walking the Meseta; cool fall morning on the Camino
Walking the Meseta; cool fall morning on the Camino

I remember this morning very well, the day before had been rainy and wet, so we were happy to see the sun. It was a cool morning, and we had started just before sunrise. From this little creek we climbed to the top of Alto de Mosteleres.

Many of the people we met thought I was a little crazy, because I carried a full size DSRL camera with a couple of lenses. But having the camera with me, meant that as I was looking for images, I was more aware of my surroundings, rather than just walking along, lost in my thoughts.

I found that walking with my camera, thinking about how to show our trip to family, friends and blog readers, I was more aware of how the light changed during the day, as well as how the landscape, and our surroundings changed as we walked. I thought about how best to tell the story of our journey. I also tried to learn more about the places we were visiting, so I could pass along some of the stories.

Since being home I have found a couple of extra benefits to carryin my camera. The first is the friends that I made through the blog.  But the most unexpected benefit is having images for the stock photography. The image above is just one of the many images submitted to Alamy, and one of several images that have sold since adding them to the site. It is always rewarding when someone chooses one of my images to accompany their writing and or publication.

Yes the camera was extra weight, and there were days that were tougher because of that weight, but I am glad I had the camera with me.


St. Jean Pied de Port, Camino Frances; travel photos

Rue de la Citadelle, St. Jean Pied de Port, France.  Camino Frances
Rue de la Citadelle, St. Jean Pied de Port, France. Camino Frances

St. Jean Pied de Port, France. The beginning of the Camino France for many pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostella Spain. One of the many images, representing one of the many moments along our journey that is still very important to me. As it is the beginning of the camino for so many pilgrims it is a little town that many remember fondly.

Recently a fellow Calgarian sent an email, interested in learning more about the camino, and our experience, it is wonderful to visit those memories again, and to think that someday Bill and I will go back.

On a complete different note, this is one of the images listed with Alamy, an online stock agency, that has licensed recently.  While I haven’t been notified of the name of the publication, but I have learned from the sales contract that the image will be published as a 2 pages spread, for a travel guide with a print run of up to 100,000.  While this isn’t my first sale through the stock agency, it still feels awesome to have someone buy and use one of my images!