thinking about gardening;

succulents and macro photography; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015
succulents and macro photography; copyright jmeyersforeman 2015 

With all the travelling we did last year I didn’t do any gardening, no regrets, we have to make choices and can’t do it all!

I will admit that I missed digging in the dirt. Spring is in the air and like a lot of Albertans I am itching to see things grow. When out for a walk I stop check for buds on the trees. I have become obsessed with Pintrest gardening and I have been reading books and blogs thinking about what I would plant when it gets a little warmer. I repeated remind myself that it isn’t safe for an Alberta gardener to put anything new into the ground before the May long weekend, as we will get frosty evenings and maybe even snow until then!!!

To keep me going I visit the garden centre and flower stores to breath in the smell of fresh dirt and photograph beautiful new grown.


Kista Peak, Beautiful Alberta Rocky Mountains

Kista Peak; Alberta Rocky Mountains; copyright jmeyersforeman
Kista Peak; Alberta Rocky Mountains; copyright jmeyersforeman

Some of the beautiful views in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. We have travelled to Vancouver using the secondary highways, seeing some amazing scenery, and far less traffic than if we had travelled the Trans-Canada Highway. When not driving we have spent a lot of time visiting friends and family. So far we are having a great trip .

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Winter Storm Warning for Calgary; Dreaming of someplace warm..

Caribbean Sunrise
Caribbean Sunrise 

The weather man is warning Calgary of sever winter weather ahead, and I am dreaming of some of the warmer places we could be.  Sunrise is one of the lovely quite times on the cruise ship. The sunrise isn’t always this colourful, and they are often over quickly.

Maybe I will brave the weather and see what photos I can get of Calgary today…..



family portraits, Calgary Alberta,
family portraits, Calgary Alberta, 

Winter is here, yet I am still working on family photos done earlier this year. Taken near the Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park, the autumn colors and golden grasses don’t last long. There is a beautiful red building, that I think everyone uses as a backdrop for photos, but there is so many places to sit and pose families.

I want to thank Jen and her family for giving me the opportunity to spend this time with them, it was wonderful, the kids were so much fun.


Cochrane Ranch and the foothills Southern Alberta.

cochrane ranch and the foothills of southern alberta
Cochrane Ranch and the foothills of Southern Alberta

Overlooking the foothills and snowy mountains of Southern Alberta.

One of my favourite views is from Cochrane Ranch.  From here we can really appreciate the big blue sky, and the diversity of the Alberta landscape.

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Lady of Peace Mission, Heritage Park, Calgary Alberta

Lady of Peace Mission_Heritage Park_Calgary Alberta
Lady of Peace Mission_Heritage Park_Calgary Alberta 

Heritage Park, Calgary Alberta, Canada’s Largest Living History Museum. We try to visit once a year, check out the new exhibits, wander the streets of the town, and maybe have lunch at the Wainwright Hotel or the Dairy Barn. Each year I talk about packing a picnic and sitting on the lawn near the Glenmore Reservoir but that hasn’t happened yet! One of the great places to visit is the bakery for a cookie or better yet a butter tart!

This year we wandered around and I spent time talking to the many people who were working at the exhibits, learning a little about their “role” in history.  This gentleman was at the Lady of Peace Mission close to the Hudson’s Bay Fur Trading Fort. He was busy making Metis Sashes to be sold I.G. Baker & Co. Store.  He was sitting it the little mission, just inside the door.  The light was perfect for a portrait of him at work.



Sunny and a nice blue sky ahead for Calgary

sunny with blue sky above Calgary
sunny with blue sky above Calgary

today is going to be another great day in Calgary, a great day for laying in the grass and watching the clouds roll by.

I remember as a kid we would go to the top of the hill and lay in the grass, we would watch the clouds roll by and see if we could see different shapes. I am not sure how I managed it, but there is a big “M” in my sky! Okay I will admit it was a big fluke.  Using a fish-eye lens on the camera, I set it the camera down in the grass below the dandelion and released the shutter.  It did take a few shots to get just the right angle on the dandelion stretched up to the blue sky, but I did not see the “M” in the clouds until just now!!!

How many of you have gone shape spotting?  If you have gone shape spotting in the past, how long ago? Let me know.

Ladd’s Auto, Calgary Alberta

Ladd's Auto, Calgary
Ladd’s Auto, Calgary

It was time for the first oil change for my new car, for that I took it to Ladd’s Auto. While at the shop, after a brief discussion about safety, I wandered  to the back shop, to take a few pictures of the guys hard at work taking care of my new car. Licenced to perform regular scheduled maintenance on all new vehicles, and look after it as their own.

It was great fun to wander around the shop, take a few pictures! I am going to have to spend a little time thinking about the type of environmental portraits I can take of the mechanics at work, for the next time!



Moji Adjele, Executive Director at BNI Alberta South: Calgary Business Portraits

Moji Ajele Executive Director, BNI
Moji Ajele Executive Director, BNI

I met Moji Ajele at one early morning BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder chapter meeting.  I was relatively new to the group and we were having a visitor meeting.  Moji, as the Executive Director of Alberta South was there to tell the visitors a little about BNI (Business Network International) and to invite them to join our networking group.

I have mentioned BNI a couple of time over the last few weeks, so I should tell you a little about the organization. BNI is the world’s largest referral organization, helping businesses to grow their business.  I have been a member of the Rocky Mountain Thunder Chapter since January of 2013 it is a positive supportive group of professionals, they have helped me to grow my business and provided great business advised and information. They are inspirational and have helped me to take my photography from a passion to a business.

Moji is passionate about growing BNI in Southern Alberta, and helping member businesses to be successful. We spent about an hour together while doing her business portraits, it was a wonderful hour that slipped by so easily. She is full of energy, excited about her role, laughs easily and has the most amazing smile. See more images from Moji’s portrait session.

Alberta Winter; Panorama Landscape of Southern Alberta in the winter

winter on the prairies
Alberta Winter

Winter hit Alberta in a big way yesterday, and heavy snow blanket’s southern Alberta according to the cbc report.

Strong winds and anywhere from 15 to 25 centimetres of snow was in the forecast for Calgary Sunday, and another five centimetres could fall on Monday.  The Calgary police were advising motorist to stay off city roads because of dangerous conditions. I took their advise seriously and stayed home to get a few things done!   This image was taken last winter, looking south on highway 21. It had been a cold and windy day, the storm brewing on the horizon.

All I can say is I am looking forward to spring.