After Before Friday Forum; Ferris Wheels in Berlin

Ferris Wheel and Berlin Needle; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Ferris Wheel and Berlin Needle; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

One of the things I didn’t expect when we decided to visit the Christmas Markets of Berlin was all the amusement rides, but they are at every market, and they are packed with people. I know I have mentioned a time or two about how cold it is, but the German people are hardy souls, you have to be to ride one of these when the thermometer tells us it is zero Celsius and there is already a 15k wind blowing, just how cold is it up there?

It’s Friday, and this image is my contribution to Stacy Fishers After-Before Forum, several photographer submit images and explains the steps they take to process their final image. Stacy usually does a video blog, it is fun to watch her work through an image in Lightroom. It is a great place to learn more about processing digital images, and learning from other photographers.

For this image started with two images

Take at different exposures, a tripod is a must, one exposure .3 sec the next exposure for 30 seconds. Both images are in my Lightroom Catalogue and open in Photoshop as layers. This stacks one image on top of the other, by changing the opacity of the upper image to 47% I am able to see the image of the ferris wheel cars through the light blur. As everything else in the image is stationary, this is the only thing that changes. This gives us an image showing the ferris wheel cars with the sense of movement, something I wasn’t able to achieve with the camera alone, the ferris wheel cars were just a blur.

After that I flattened the image, creating one layer, and using the Camera Raw filter I made some adjustments in the basic panel; contrast +23, black -18, clarity +30, and vibrancy +30. In lens correction I removed chromatic aberration, and auto adjuster for lens distortion.  If you are unfamiliar with Camera Raw and would like more information let me know, but Camera Raw works very similar to Lightroom for these basic adjustments and it is possible that I could have done them in Lightroom as well, I chose to do them in Photoshop while I had the files open. There are no magic numbers to adjusting contrast, blacks, clarity or vibrancy, I usually move the sliders to what looks good to me on my screen.

The Berlin Needle in the top left of the image was not very well-lit, moving the black slider too far to the left plunged it into darkness, so that was one of my control points.

My next step was to save the file, and return to the Lightroom catalogue where I followed up with some minor noise adjustments, and made another adjustment for lens correction. I then cropped the image eliminating the car lights and mobile trailers out of the bottom of the image, helping to focus attention on the three subjects of interest.

The final image isn’t perfect, there is some slight movement between frames, and I didn’t get perfect alignment. A good reminder to lock up my mirror, and use the shutter timer when releasing the shutter. Both of these steps will hopefully eliminate any minor movement. It was however quite windy that night, it is always a good idea to weigh down the tripod as well, even the wind blowing the camera strap around can cause slight camera movement.

Just a note to those who are interesting in the process I did take several images at different shutter speeds, so I had several choices to work from. I can visualize the image I want, but I don’t always know how they are going to fit together during the process, more frames with different variables is always a good idea.


Carousels; The Classic Double Decker Carousel in Bordeaux France.

Double Decker Carousel in Bordeaux France, copyright jmeyersforeman
Classic Double Decker Carousel in Bordeaux France, copyright jmeyersforeman

This beautiful double decker carousel sits in one of the main squares along Bordeaux’s main shopping street. The day we visited was a little cool and rainy, Sunday morning. Many of the stores would not be opening that day, so the streets were quiet. A good day to be out and about with the camera.

Still a kid at heart I love the painted ponies, and it is guaranteed to will bring a smile to my face as I watch the children ride up and down, smiling and waving to parents and grandparent, family or friends as they travel by, around and around. So where ever I travel I check to see if there is a carousel in the neighbourhood.

This and more street photography/urban living photography can be viewed and purchased by visiting my gallery.

Bordeaux Carousel

Bordeaux Carousel
Bordeaux Carousel

I love carousels, and usually spend a bit of time when I find one photographing them, and their location. I can’t quite explain the fascination, in the old days a carousel had a brass ring that, if you were able to grab and remove, meant you got a free ride! I think it has more to do with watching kids and their excitement, the smiles are contagious don’t you think?

Bordeaux has two carousels that I found, although I had heard there was a third I did not have time to find, just another reason to return to this lovely city….

Here is the colour version; I am having trouble deciding which one I like best. Tell me which one you like and why, I would love to hear from you.

Carousel in Bordeaux France
Carousel in Bordeaux France

To see more images of carousels and amusement rides you can check out my Photoshelter Gallery.

Festival and Amusement Rides at Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Amusement Rides; Santiago de Compostela Spain
Amusement Rides; Santiago de Compostela Spain

IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2175 IMG_2180 IMG_2182

not time to chat, we are enjoying the Festival!

more photos are available at jmeyersforeman photography

Stampede Midway, after dark – Reblog

stampede midway after dark
stampede midway after dark

I wanted to reblog this image for a couple of reasons, the Calgary Stampede is less that three weeks away, it is always great fun with lots of photo opportunities. I also wanted to share with you some news; I have learned this week, that this image has been licensed for publication through Alamy. Unfortunately I never find out who purchased the rights to use the image, I do know that it is a large business who will use for marketing material.

The original post from Stampede 2013: I was down at the Stampede Grounds yesterday, after volunteering at the Western Photo Gallery for a shift, Bill and I headed over watch the chuck wagon races.  We indulged in the usually beer and hot dog, not bad, then tried the mini donuts,which we had to throw away because they were undercooked. The inside was still raw and runny!

Walking about I took a few pictures of the the midway with my fish-eye lens. The sky over Calgary just starting to change colour to a dark blue after the sun has set. Catching all the rides moving at the same time was a stroke of luck!

I hope you enjoy the Calgary Stampede.

Calgary Stampede, July 5, – 14, 2013

Calgary Stampede, Midway Rides
Calgary Stampede, Midway Rides

For many in Calgary it might be a little early to start planning their Stampede activities, but for the many volunteers the work on this year’s stampede started last September. The schedule of events that will take place down at the grounds is jam-packed with activities. The midway will be filled with rides, this is one of my favourite places to visit.

This year the parade will be exiting, Astronaut Chis Hadfield will be Parade Marshall, and parade morning is always exciting. about 350,000 people line the parade route, and the parade is two hours long, one of my favourite days of the year!   So with all this thought about Stampede I am exploring some of the old images taken in previous years and planning my visit to the stampede this year!

Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn NY

Another image of Jane’s Carousel, it was a rainy day in New York City, when we took the subway to Brooklyn and wandered the streets,  our goal a little coffee shop that was recommended by a fellow blogger, called the Brooklyn Roasting Company and seeing Jane’s Carousel.

There is something magical about a carousel. Aside from the beauty and craftmanship of these historic gems, there is the craftsmanship that goes into restoring them. Maybe we remember the feeling of being a small child and riding the carousel and seeing our parents and or grandparents standing on the side waiting for us to come around and wave. Maybe it is as a parent or grandparent standing on the side and seeing the joy of the children as the see us and wave.  There is magic and joy all around the carousel, and this one is no exception.  The setting on the East River in view of the Brooklyn Bridge even on a rainy gray day is worth the walk, after all the coffee shop is just around the corner!

Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn New York

Jane’s Carousel, in Brooklyn Bridge Park, near the Brooklyn Bridge, along the East River, housed in a glass pavillion is the historic carousel has been completely restored.  For just $2.00 anyone can ride the ponies.  The day Bill and I were there it was a quiet day – opening at 11 am on Sunday only a few parents were out with their small children to experience the magic.

Carousels are such a pleasure, check out Jake’sprinter’s web post for more of his reader’s posts on pleasure.