Beautiful Baby Miya; may your week be filled with smiles

Baby Miya
Baby Miya

Babies touch the world with love.
— Author Unknown

It is Monday I and could think of no better way to start the week than looking at this beautiful little smile. I think her mom, who you can’t see, is giving her a little tickle! I photographed little baby Miya a couple of weeks ago, and every time I see her smiling happy face I smile.

I thought I would bring a smile to you this wonderful winter morning.

Happy Monday to everyone!




Father and Daughter

father and daughter
father and daughter 

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.  ~Author Unknown

More family portraits from this fall, doesn’t she have the cutest little face, the little princess actually smiled quite a bit during our portrait session in Fish Creek Park.

Donia, a beautiful name for a beautiful baby

Another little pumpkin!
Another little pumpkin! 


I met Donia last weekend, just a little over three weeks old and sound asleep we are reminded how precious these little bundles are. Another little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. I doubt that her parents will tell her that she was found in the cabbage patch or that the stork delivered her!


Donia is gorgeous, and a wonderful reason for owning a camera. Her mother, Erin had maternity photos taken about three weeks ago, and it was a great joy to met Donia in person. I am looking forward to watching her grow up.



safe and sound in daddy’s hands

Miya, sound asleep for daddy
Miya, sound asleep for daddy 

I was over to visit Amrita, Brett and Miya on Monday and of course to take a few pictures. Miya was a sleep when I first arrived and Brett was holding her in his lap. She had just eaten and was dozing peacefully.  It was a wonderful afternoon and I can hardly wait to get through the photos that were taken.



Baby Addilyn

Baby Addilyn

I have hit a wonderful time in my life, my children are all grown up and they are off enjoying their lives. Yes they visit, and we do things together, but I don’t have the day-to-day worries and work that I had as a parent of young children. Their friends, have also grown up, and this is where it gets good, they are getting married and having babies of their own.

Addilyn is part of that next generation.  Spending time and taking photo of this beautiful little baby gave me a chance to have a visit with Cameron and Jessilyn, who I haven’t seen in quite some time.  I am new to photographing babies, and it seems to take longer than it should.  Babies need changing, and feeding, and kept warm, but not too warm, and they are not always wanting to laying just the way we want them, but I do my best.  All this extra time give us a chance to chat.

Thanks Cameron and Jessilyn for your time, it was wonderful, almost as good as the photos! more to come.

Mom and Addilyn

Mom and Baby Addilyn

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.  Unknown Author

Baby Zak, 9 months old now!

Baby Zak, 9 months old 

Kim and Baby Zak were over for photos on Friday, it was wonderful to have a visit and to see how much Zak has changed since the last time we were together, about 3 months ago.  The time flies by, and babies change so much. He is teething, but according to Kim not having too much trouble with that. I can see that it won’t be long before he is walking, and then running, they change so fast during their first year.

I am looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Zakary at Riverside Park, September 3, 2012

Zakary at Riverside Park, September 3, 2012

Six month old,  Zakary at Riverside Park, it is amazing how fast the time goes by when I am with children, it is so much fun watching them.

Six Month old Zakary sitting in the fox grass

six month old Zakary sitting in the fox grass,
Baby Zak sitting in the fox grass.

Yesterday was a great day, while it was a little windy, the sun was shining and I had a chance to visit with Kim and her little man Zak who is now 6 months old.  He is a cutie. His little red T-shirt even proclaimed “local cutie” so appropriate.  It is amazing to me how much babies change in the first year. Checking back through the blog you can see just how much he has grown.

We spent a couple of hours sitting in the grass, visiting while making funny noises all in an effort to get Zakary to look at us and smile! He was quite fasciated by the grass, less so by us! I don’t know about him, but I had so much fun I haven’t stopped smiling, and I am already looking forward to next time.