Figure and form; an experiment with light, shape and texture

I have been experimenting with figure and form, shape and light; here my lady is standing in front of a sheet of thin white paper, with the light behind her. during processing I added a textured rock layer.

Where ever I go I will shoot small detail pictures of stone walls, bricks, stucco, anything that could be an interesting texured layer and can be added to photos.

I am interested in your thoughts on my experiment, your comments would be appreciated.

this and other photos are available at jmeyersforeman photography.

Submitted for the UE’s Weekend photochallenge “brick”  Not sure how it will be interpreted, or accepted as brick work, what do you think?

white amaryllis diptich (Hippeastrum)

The white Hippeastrum, commonly known as Amaryllis, that has been sitting on my dining room table has been blooming for a couple of weeks. I have finally taken a few minutes to photograph it, to try to capture the delicate beauty.  Amaryllis means “to sparkle”  in Greek, the flowering bulb has become almost as popular as the poinsettia to decorate our home. Photographed in front of the kitchen window, using a macro lens I was able to get a nice clean background, and the backlight helps to bring out the lines and texture.

Salisbury Cathedral “elaborate lace”

Salisbury Cathedral “lace”

Photofriday word of the week is Elaborate, and I immediately thought of the spiderweb photo taken at the Salisbury Cathedral.  With the sunlight behind the web you can see the delicate elaborate design. It is amazing that one small spider can, over just a few short hours, create such a remarkable and delicate net.

check out photofriday my submission is #94,  see how it compares to the other “elaborate” photos.

this an other photos are available at jmeyersforeman/alamy