Bamberg Germany and the World of Beer

Bamberg Beer; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014

Bamberg Beer; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

There are nine independent breweries around the beautiful heritage city, and 60 breweries in the surrounding countryside. According to the guide we were given at the tourist information, this region boasts a unique diversity of beers and the highest density of breweries, a tradition that goes back almost 1000 years.
We are going to do our best to visit the nine that are in the city! I doubt if I will be very helpful at describing the different beers, but with any luck, and auto-focus on the camera I should have an interesting photo or two before the week is over.

Bamberg Town Hall, Bamberg Germany

The Old Town Hall stands in the middle of the river, between the Obere and Untere Brucke (bridge)  with a story of conflict between Bishop and burghers.  It was built as a compromise between the “new town” and the “old town” and as a link between the two settlements.

The facades painted in the 18th century, unlike modern graffiti it is cherished!

Autobahn @ 230 k/hr

Bill and I were lucky, one of the gentlemen that he was meeting with this week was driving from Würzburg to Bamberg today and offered us a ride in his new very comfy Audi suv.

So rather than carrying our luggage to the train station and onto the train, and then back to yet another cab and hotel we rode in the lap of luxury and watched the country side go by…………