Miror d’eau Water Mirror Bordeaux France

The Miroir d’eau (Water Mirror) or Miroir des Quais (Quay Mirror) in Bordeaux is the world’s largest[1] reflecting pool, covering 3,450 square meters (37,100 sq ft). Located on the quay of the Garonne in front of the Place de la Bourse,

I have been working my way through old image files, and remembering the time we spent in Bordeaux France. 

The Water Mirror was beautiful, located across from Place de la Bourse, between Quai de la Douane and Quai Louis XVIII, this spectacular pool, designed by landscape artist Michel Corajoud, alternates a mirror effect and artificial misting in an extraordinary way. 

Located between the Garonne and beautiful 18th-century façades, and is listed as a contemporary World Heritage Site. 

Bordeaux Train Station

Bordeaux France train station; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014
Bordeaux France train station; copyright jmeyersforeman 2014 

One of the lovely old train stations Bill and I had the pleasure of spending a little time visit last year. I love the old clock, it and the architecture of the building are reminiscent of another period of time. Built in 1898, we can only image what it would have been like sitting waiting for the next train during the days of the old steam engine!

Just a little side note, this image catalogued with a stock agency. Stock photography is not a major source of income, but it does allow me to make available some of the many travel images in my personal catalogue for publication. It is always nice to hear that one is being utilized. That joyous “I’ve been picked” feeling, and a few extra pennies in my pocket for coffee! A nice way to start the day.

I hope yours starts with some good news.