Megan-tallulah, Calgary Portrait Photography
Megan-Tallulah, Calgary Portrait Photography

Life in Calgary has been very busy this summer, too busy to blog I am sorry to say. I miss my time here and miss hearing from everyone.  Just a quick note to show you my favorite shoot from the week. Megan contacted me, she had very definite ideas for her portrait session. She is a graphic designer, artist, and entrepreneur. Motivated, hardworking, and a whole lot of fun.  She showed up with her outfits, fashion pages and layouts to work from and we went to work. Shooting here in the studio as well as downtown we kept the shoot tight in terms of purpose, sticking to the original plan, but leaving a little room in the schedule for fun and to experiment.

A quick look through the proofs yesterday was all I needed to work well into the night last night to get caught up on work so I could get these images into photoshop and work on them. I thought I would show you one portrait to peak your intersted, there will be more next week….

stop by, say hi, let me know how you have been, let me know if you have any suggestions for the new work. thanks



Kosti, RCMP_late 19 century
Kosti, RCMP_late 19 century

Monday to Friday Kosti is a computer tech providing technical support for small business, lawyer dental offices, and entrepreneurs.  He spends some of his spare time with a group acting as late 19 century RCMP officers for Heritage days. This summer they were at Sam Steele Days at Fort Steele BC, Fort Walsh in Cyprus Hills, among other events.

My challenge was to make a portrait that might have been taken during that period. Faded edges, sepia color, and slightly textured. I am not sue if I have quite hit the mark. I have a few other images to work through and prefect my technique.

Frodo; mascot for MRI Auto Care


Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t have a pet, and has heard me say I don’t do pet photography. It isn’t that I don’t like animals, I do, but I have trouble feeding and taking care of myself, so keeping a pet would be unfair! I don’t even mind including family pets in a family portrait session.  I have just not spent a lot of time photographing pets, that I am not sure I could get it right as a professional pet photographer.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to do business and environmental portraits for MRI Auto Care who area updating their web presence, and Frodo is a big part of the customer service team!  It was great to meet and work with everyone over there, and I will be posting some of the other images in the near future.

I will leave you this week with the calm and quiet face of Frodo and wish you a wonderful weekend.

Figure, form and textures

figure, form and texture
figure, form and texture 

I have had this project,  figure, form and texture on hold a very long time, working on it in bits and pieces, between claims and photography assignments! yesterday I stopped everything for a couple of hours and worked on this, part of a personal project.  I will show you more over the next few weeks. The figure and form project has been percolating away on the back burner for quite sometime, probably a year now. With only the occasional opportunity to move forward.  I think sometimes projects need that kind of time, and sometimes I wish they would move faster!

I need two things to make this project work, people, or more specifically ladies, if you are in the Calgary area and what to collaborate on the project send me an email. Secondly, I would like some feedback!


Peter Huszar; Calgary Business Portraits

Peter Huszar, Creations By Casablanca
  Peter Huszar, Creations By Casablanca

Peter Huszar, owner and operator of Creations by Casablanca, loves working with his clients to decorate their home .

I  had quite the chat with Peter when he visited my home.  We are in the process of getting new windows, and some of the curtains and drapes need updating.  We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, Peter was able to show us several options and I am looking forward to new blinds!


Jonathan Dicey Lakeview Insurance Brokers; Calgary Business Portrait

Jonathan Dicey, Lakeview Insurance Brokers, Calgary Business Portraits
Jonathan Dicey, Lakeview Insurance Brokers, Calgary Business Portraits

I met Jonathan Dicey through the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder, he is the secretary-treasurer for the group. As part of the executive he provides a great example of the “givers gain” philosophy, and leadership to the members.

Jonathan and I had a great visit while he was in the studio getting his business portraits done.  His father John Dicey founded Lakeview Insurance Brokers in 1981 and Johnathan joined the business in 1988. Family owned and operated  Lakeview Insurance has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They are a member of the Independent Insurance Brokers Association, the staff is dedicated to, in Jonathan’s words, helping their clients understand their insurance needs, and getting them the best coverage available.

I know how hard Jonathan works for the members of  BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder group, so I am sure that he and the staff at Lakeview Insurance will work just as hard for their clients. Jonathan’s Gallery of Images.

Richard Pouliln, Home Renovator; Calgary Business Portraits

Richard Pouliln - Home Renovator
Richard Poulin – Home Renovator

Richard Poulin, is a Home Renovator who has been running his own business for almost 20 years. I met Richard through the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder meetings.  He like a lot of people who have been running their own business for a number of years, has always relied on  referrals for his business. Letting his work and his clients speak for him. In today’s market referrals are much more important.  BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder is becoming an important part of that referral business

Today’s market is changing, as consumers do a lot of research on the internet searching for the businesses and services we need. While we are doing that we check what other consumers are saying about the business. As a business owner, we are told that we need to have a web presence. Like any first meeting we have about 10 seconds for people to have a look and decide if they want to do business with us, your business portrait, and your business web pages must communicate effectively. Mr. Poulin is working on his web presence and wanted a portrait for his business cards and website.

Business Portraits are not and should not be all standard, they should be personal. Yes, there are corporate headshots that  the company’s want for their employees that are all the same and fit the template designed by the web designer.  And of course there is Linkin and Facebook, they have standard sizes for your portfolio shots. It is because of this that you need to find a way for your portrait to connect with people.

Richard tells me his is a simple man, married to the same lovely woman for 33 years.  He is the proud father of 4, and a grandfather to  3 kids.

Richard has been in construction all of his life, he told me is biggest sense of accomplishment on the job site coms when the customer is thrilled with the completed project.  From kitchens to bathrooms to basement developments his goal is to complete project one time and on budget, giving his clients room that they love to walk into. Helping to make a house a home!

Sago Service; a family business, Calgary Alberta

Sago Services, A family business
Sago Services, A family business

It was so much fun working with Maria of Sago Services, she wanted new business portraits for the family business.  We gathered her husband and son and worked together to get some great images. Just look at those great smiles!

Sago Services is a full service moving company, but not just an everyday average moving company. Their team of people will come in pack up your house, clean, move everything to your new home and then unpack, and they will take the stuff (junk) away for you while they are at it.  Any or all of the chores as you desire, imagine moving being this easy.  I don’t know about you, but I hate moving, sorting through all the stuff, cleaning getting the old house ready for the new people and then opening the door on the new empty house and have to find a place for all those boxes and furniture.  Maria and Sago Services want to take care of all that for you.

Maria is another of the wonderful people I have met through the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder Chapter meetings. We meet at the Blackfoot Inn every Thursday at 7 am and it always brightens my day to see her smiling face.  If you are interested in joining us for breakfast, connect with me through email.

For more  Calgary Business Portraits

Moji Adjele, Executive Director at BNI Alberta South: Calgary Business Portraits

Moji Ajele Executive Director, BNI
Moji Ajele Executive Director, BNI

I met Moji Ajele at one early morning BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder chapter meeting.  I was relatively new to the group and we were having a visitor meeting.  Moji, as the Executive Director of Alberta South was there to tell the visitors a little about BNI (Business Network International) and to invite them to join our networking group.

I have mentioned BNI a couple of time over the last few weeks, so I should tell you a little about the organization. BNI is the world’s largest referral organization, helping businesses to grow their business.  I have been a member of the Rocky Mountain Thunder Chapter since January of 2013 it is a positive supportive group of professionals, they have helped me to grow my business and provided great business advised and information. They are inspirational and have helped me to take my photography from a passion to a business.

Moji is passionate about growing BNI in Southern Alberta, and helping member businesses to be successful. We spent about an hour together while doing her business portraits, it was a wonderful hour that slipped by so easily. She is full of energy, excited about her role, laughs easily and has the most amazing smile. See more images from Moji’s portrait session.

Guy Cooley; Calgary Realtor and Member of BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder

Guy Cooley - Realtor and member of BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder
Guy Cooley – Realtor and BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder Member

I met Guy Cooley, at the BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder meeting.  A family man, and top producing realtor with Keller Williams Realty Inc, since 2005.  He is dedicated to his clients, he dedicated his time to learning everything he can about the Calgary Real Estate Market, and being up todate regarding current trends. He motto: “moving one family at a time” he knows that being a realtor is more about the family and their needs that it is about the property.

Guy was a joy to work with when doing his business portrait, we had a great time chatting as we worked, learning a little more about him and his family, as well as the important role they play in his life and the choices he makes.

If you are in the Calgary area and need a realtor I would highly recommend Guy. check out his facebook page, and for more images from our portrait session, check out the gallery of images.