Calgary Stampede; steer wrestling

Calgary Stampede, steer wrestling
Calgary Stampede, steer wrestling 

Steer wrestling is a rodeo event in which a horse-riding cowboy catches up to a steer and then drops from the horse to wrestle the steer onto its back by grabbing its horns and twisting its neck. An official time is taken once all four legs of the steer are off the ground.

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Their off: Calgary Stampede Grandstand Chuckwagon Races

Their off: Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Rances
Their off: Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Races  

Sunday night at the Calgary Stampede, chuckwagon races. Each night the chuckwagons race there are 9 races, 36 wagons each with a professional driver, and a team of 4 outrider.

At the sound of a horn, four outriders fly into action. In what looks like total chaos, one outrider holds the horses while others hurl items representing a stove and other cooking implements into the back of the wagon. Once loaded, each wagon completes a figure eight around a set of barrels, and then charges out onto the track at breakneck speed. The outriders have to cover a prescribed distance on foot, then jump on their horses and catch up. Their teams lose points if they don’t finish the course within 150 feet of their wagons. Penalties are also imposed for interference, loss of “cooking equipment” and or tipping over one of the barrels. The track is 5/8 of a mile long, and the wagons can run in it just over a minute.

One of the most exciting events at the Calgary Stampede.


Stampede Midway, after dark – Reblog

stampede midway after dark
stampede midway after dark

I wanted to reblog this image for a couple of reasons, the Calgary Stampede is less that three weeks away, it is always great fun with lots of photo opportunities. I also wanted to share with you some news; I have learned this week, that this image has been licensed for publication through Alamy. Unfortunately I never find out who purchased the rights to use the image, I do know that it is a large business who will use for marketing material.

The original post from Stampede 2013: I was down at the Stampede Grounds yesterday, after volunteering at the Western Photo Gallery for a shift, Bill and I headed over watch the chuck wagon races.  We indulged in the usually beer and hot dog, not bad, then tried the mini donuts,which we had to throw away because they were undercooked. The inside was still raw and runny!

Walking about I took a few pictures of the the midway with my fish-eye lens. The sky over Calgary just starting to change colour to a dark blue after the sun has set. Catching all the rides moving at the same time was a stroke of luck!

I hope you enjoy the Calgary Stampede.

Calgary Stampede; the greatest outdoor show in the world

Stampede cowboy
Stampede cowboy 

I spent part of the weekend down at the Stampede Grounds, everyone in western Showcase was busy getting their part of the show ready.  The Western Photo Gallery looks great, the photos are hung, and I have to say that the jury panel did an amazing job picking work this year.

I am looking forward to the Stir-up event on Wednesday night, and possibly walking around the stampede grounds to see what is left to be done. I have ordered my “hell or high-water” t-shirt, and I am looking forward to watching the rodeo and  chuck wagon races on the new track they have been building since the flood.

Past stampede photos and activities.


Calgary Stampede, July 5, – 14, 2013

Calgary Stampede, Midway Rides
Calgary Stampede, Midway Rides

For many in Calgary it might be a little early to start planning their Stampede activities, but for the many volunteers the work on this year’s stampede started last September. The schedule of events that will take place down at the grounds is jam-packed with activities. The midway will be filled with rides, this is one of my favourite places to visit.

This year the parade will be exiting, Astronaut Chis Hadfield will be Parade Marshall, and parade morning is always exciting. about 350,000 people line the parade route, and the parade is two hours long, one of my favourite days of the year!   So with all this thought about Stampede I am exploring some of the old images taken in previous years and planning my visit to the stampede this year!

friends at the calgary stampede,

I spotted these horses standing at the Olympic Way Gate, Stampede Grounds.  As I watched these two seemed to be whispering to each other as people passed!

check out my friend Hiro’s horse image, I love the emotion he captured.

Jillian, High-key portrait of a blue eyed girl

High Key portrait, Calgary Portrait Photography
high key portraits, calgary portrait photography

Thursday Morning, it has been a busy week in Calgary with all the different Stampede events going on, I have been, like most people taking lots of photos and slowly working my way through the images on file.  I thought I would brighten your day with another of Jillian’s photos taken last weekend.

Everyone in Calgary, or who has been to Calgary during the Stampede will know that this isn’t a week for work, it is a week to enjoy, see the sights and “socialize” and have some fun.

As a volunteer at the Western Photo Gallery this week is even busier than normal.  We are having a great year down at the grounds, Monday I was at the rodeo with the girls. I will be working a shift at the Western Photo Gallery on Friday afternoon if you want to come by for a visit. Saturday I am going down to wander the barns, take in some rides, and eat my way around the midway, apparently there is lots of food choices!  hope to see you down at the grounds.

I hope you are having a great week.

Flag Carriers and their Red Flags at the Calgary Stampede 2012

flag bearers_Calgary Stampede_2012

I did manage to get to the stampede parade this year, but I have been busy and unable to get to processing the images, until last night.

These beautiful flags glowed in the sunlight. The hot sun last friday morning made photographing the parade a challenge; glaring highlights, burnt out whites and dark shadows, and people almost melting in the street! Those who were watching the parade were down on route, in their spots, and waiting by about 7:30 in the morning. The parade started about 9 am,  and it took about 1 hour for the participants to walk the entire route. The last participate joining the parade about 11 am.

The parade was wonderful, more pictures to follow.

Calgary Stampede. Western Photo Gallery

Monday a group of us from the Calgary Stampede, Western Photo Gallery Committee were down at the BMO building, we met with the photographers and began setting up the 2012 Photo Gallery.

Photographers include:  Brad Allen, Ariel Arrieta, Paula Barrinton, Ken Cornett, Jeff Cruz, Joe Desjardins, Patricia Hart Grondin, Ryan Hellard, John Hoskins, Karen Kane, Don Kesler, Michele King, Hiro Kobayashi, Tara Lowry, Angus Macgillivary, Sheen MacLean, Dawna Warren, Matt Skretting, Courtney Todd, Angela Waite, Jonathan Zablonski, Andre Millar, Brad Orr, David Richeson, Wayne Simpson, David Lynnes, Cody Tritter, Christopher Martin and Stewart McLeish (gosh I hope I didn’t miss anyone!)

The subject matter and how it is handled as diverse as the photographers themselves; everything from horses and stage coaches, big cats and little cats, ranching images, and first nations images, grizzly bears and wolves,of course western landscapes and even one double rainbow. Something for everyone. We hope to see you at the Western Photo Gallery, during the Calgary Stampede.

Versatile blogger

Versatileblogger Award

The Versatile Bogger Award

Having my blog nominated by Jakesprinter at is quite a complement, and I want to thank Jakesprinter for acknowledging my blog, it is nice to know that the photos and content are enjoyed.

There are three simple rules after being nominated as a versitile blogger; 

1. Thank the person who gave you this award by linking to their blog! with that I do want to thank Jake  for nominating my blog, and recommend that you heck out his blog, he has some great illustrations, and is working hard to build a community by not only asking readers to get involved with him, but by reaching out to support other bloggers. He seems to have a wonderful sense of humor!

2. Nominate 15 bloggers here is 15 blogs I read, enjoy and are inspired by


3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself:  that’s probably harder than picking 15 great blogs out of all the great blogs out there!

1) I love to travel; 2) I carry my camera almost all the time; 3) I love poetry, and have been reading/studying haiku; 4) I am a volunteer at the Calgary Stampede, Western Photo Gallery Committee; 5) dancing is a great way to spend the evening; 6) dinner with family and friends is another great way to spend the evening; 7) I would like to see sunrise more often!