Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn NY

Another image of Jane’s Carousel, it was a rainy day in New York City, when we took the subway to Brooklyn and wandered the streets,  our goal a little coffee shop that was recommended by a fellow blogger, called the Brooklyn Roasting Company and seeing Jane’s Carousel.

There is something magical about a carousel. Aside from the beauty and craftmanship of these historic gems, there is the craftsmanship that goes into restoring them. Maybe we remember the feeling of being a small child and riding the carousel and seeing our parents and or grandparents standing on the side waiting for us to come around and wave. Maybe it is as a parent or grandparent standing on the side and seeing the joy of the children as the see us and wave.  There is magic and joy all around the carousel, and this one is no exception.  The setting on the East River in view of the Brooklyn Bridge even on a rainy gray day is worth the walk, after all the coffee shop is just around the corner!


Carousel Ponies; Whimsical, Romantic, and needing tender loving care

I love carousel ponies, there is something whimsical and romantic about the rides, maybe it comes from the movies I have seen, maybe it is the stories I have read.  These two ponies were off the ride, laying in the repair shop waiting for some tender loving care.

In Calgary we can find an old fashion Carousel ride at Heritage Park, Calaway Park and Chinook Center, and if you visit the National Carousel Association site you can see a map showing all the carousel’s in North America, just in case you are outside the Calgary Area.

Weekly photo challenge:  Broken

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