Beautiful Baby Miya; may your week be filled with smiles

Baby Miya
Baby Miya

Babies touch the world with love.
— Author Unknown

It is Monday I and could think of no better way to start the week than looking at this beautiful little smile. I think her mom, who you can’t see, is giving her a little tickle! I photographed little baby Miya a couple of weeks ago, and every time I see her smiling happy face I smile.

I thought I would bring a smile to you this wonderful winter morning.

Happy Monday to everyone!




Sophie and her Aunt Mel

Sophie and her Aunt Mel
Sophie and her Aunt Mel

When you are a little girl, one of the best things is cuddling up on your Aunt’s knee and she wraps her arms around you! It is special!  I met Sophie for the first time between Christmas and New Years, while visiting her Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house! She is one happy little girls, and her Aunt Mel one of the special people in her life. It was great to meet Sophie, to visit with the entire family, to get a few pictures and share a few memories.


One Happy Little Girl!

One happy little girl
One happy little girl

One happy little girl! Just looking at Sophie’s bright smile brings a smile to my face.  hopefully it brightens your day just a little

Baby Addilyn

Baby Addilyn

I have hit a wonderful time in my life, my children are all grown up and they are off enjoying their lives. Yes they visit, and we do things together, but I don’t have the day-to-day worries and work that I had as a parent of young children. Their friends, have also grown up, and this is where it gets good, they are getting married and having babies of their own.

Addilyn is part of that next generation.  Spending time and taking photo of this beautiful little baby gave me a chance to have a visit with Cameron and Jessilyn, who I haven’t seen in quite some time.  I am new to photographing babies, and it seems to take longer than it should.  Babies need changing, and feeding, and kept warm, but not too warm, and they are not always wanting to laying just the way we want them, but I do my best.  All this extra time give us a chance to chat.

Thanks Cameron and Jessilyn for your time, it was wonderful, almost as good as the photos! more to come.

Zakary at Riverside Park, September 3, 2012

Zakary at Riverside Park, September 3, 2012

Six month old,  Zakary at Riverside Park, it is amazing how fast the time goes by when I am with children, it is so much fun watching them.

Joanna and Jeff, Thank-you

Joanna is a wonderful photographer, and designer, here she has taken two of our favourite photos and created a beautiful thank-you card. As a photographer her work features landscapes, wildlife, rodeo and ranching subject. check out her work at Joanna Lynn Photography 

time to go home; we had a great visit to the calgary zoo

two small children holding hands as they walk
leaving the zoo, time to go home

It has been almost a month since I visited the Calgary Zoo with Jen, Pat, Arabella, Baylee, Connor and Maddie, and I have finally finished processing their photos.  Maddie and Connor, pictured here are about 22 months old; they are very good about holding hand and walking with someone.  here we are on our way to the car after a couple of hours at the zoo, a walk in dinosaur park, and the penguins.

I had a great day with the family, and I am happy to be delivering their photos today!

Baby Zak, three months old and learning to sit.

Zak, 3 months old baby sitting, Calgary Portrait Photography
Baby Zak, 3 month’s old, Calgary Portraits

Baby Zak was over at the beginning of July for photo, and he was almost holding himself up.  He has so much personality in his face, and expressions, I found myself watching, and giggling, and forgetting to take pictures!

blowing bubbles at prince’s island park

blonde girl blowing bubbles in the park
playing, and blowing bubbles at the park

I spend last night at Prince’s Island Park, with Lindsay, Jordan and their two children, playing, running around, blowing bubbles and taking family photos. when there are little ones in the “picture” it is quite often easier to be outside, and mixed up the time with photos and play time. To be honest, the playtime often results in some of the best photos. Here is a series one just one bubble that blown last night.

Watching the penguins, at the Calgary zoo,

The young children are completely mesmerized by the penguins at the zoo, so they stand quiet enough to get a great picture and include their reflection. I think the penguins love the attention, they stand on the ledges and seem to call out to the kids, make great dives into the water, and swim by close to the window where the children are standing. All this to the great delight of not only the children, but  the parents and adults who are watching the delight!