Minter Garden, Chilliwack BC.

Water Wheel; Minter Gardens, Chilliwack BC
Water Wheel; Minter Gardens, Chilliwack BC 

Happy Tuesday to everyone, for my fellow Canadians I hope you had a great long weekend. It was great to have an extra day for family and friends, and to use it as needed. In Calgary we had great weather, so we got a little gardening done; some flowers, lettus, peas and tomatoes planted.

This image was taken last summer at the Minter Garden, Chilliwack BC, one of my favourite gardens, I believe it is about 32 acres and I would recommend a sunday visit.




Lady of Minter Garden, Chilliwack BC

Minter Garden, Chilliwack BC,  this beautiful statue was standing among the flowers. it was a slightly overcast day, perfect for outdoor photography.