Dr. Sun Yat Sen Window


At the Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens in Vancouver,  you will find garden walls and pavilions with beautiful screened windows.  Inside the pavilion you will find, artifacts, paintings and  displays that beautifully provide a glimpse into another culture. Here a mountain, inside beside a window looking out, as the room was dark it was difficult to show both the mountain and the exterior garden.  I have both the colour and the black and white photo side by side because I can’t decide which one I like best.

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chines Garden has been selected as one of Canada’s greatest places and is the first garden in the Ming Dynasty created outside of China, You can read the full article on line by clicking the link below.


Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Garden

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Garden filled with reflective ponds, winding walkways, flowering gardens, sculpted rocks is a great place to visit and enjoy a quiet beauty that is not often found within the city limits. There are two parts to the garden, a public garden that is open and free to those who want to enjoy this special place. There is also a historic park next to the public garden, that has special displays and information to learn more about the culture and the building of the park. This is one place that Bill and I like to visit when we are in Vancouver, to sit and enjoy a quiet time.