Coffee; First coffee then the world

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first coffee then the world

Saturday mornings have started to look like every other day of the week. It has been almost 1 year since I quit working a regular job, and it has been quite a year! But the last couple of weeks, we have been home and I have been sick. Cold, sinus infection and bronchitis! I guess it was time for me to come home and rest!

So, it has been a quiet couple of weeks, and now I am rested and getting ready to work on some projects. I entered a couple of images into the Stampede Photo Gallery, we shall see if any of them get accepted. I want to start doing more portraits again this summer. I am thinking about Photo Encaustic Painting, something new to explore, learning something new is always good, but I am not sure about the medium or if I want to dilute my schedule, available time and brain power with one more thing!

I have been adding more images to my Society6 page, that is easy to do while sitting and drinking tea, and it seems a good way to start my venture into selling prints. If you have any other suggestion, I would be happy to hear your thoughts on selling photography online.

I have had my morning coffee, time to get busy, off out of the house and into the world to see what awaits me!

PS. I wanted to mention there is a sale on Society6

1/21 – 1/22: 25% Off Everything With Code ART25OFF
Start: Sunday, 1/21/18 at 12:00 am PT
End: Monday, 1/22/18 at 11:59 pm PT


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We have had a wonderful few days wandering the streets Fremantle Australia. We  visited the Art Center and learned a little about the aboriginal art. Of course we have been  enjoying the different restaurants and cafe’s, seeing the public art while we wandered the streets, and we have taken time to watching the sunset on the beach.

It has been a great way to recover from the about 28 hours in transit from our home in Calgary to Freemantle!

Today we are off to Melbourne for a few day before heading to Margaret River.

National Coffee Day!

Morning Espresso in a Green Glass cup, the perfect way to start the day
Morning Espresso in a Green Glass cup, the perfect way to start the day 

I hope both your coffee and your day is a great one.

Morning Coffee Still-life

Morning Espresso in a Green Glass cup, the perfect way to start the day
Morning Espresso in a Green Glass cup, the perfect way to start the day 

Yes another cup of coffee! I love my morning coffee! I think there are so many ways to serve and of course photograph a cup of coffee. I love these little green glass cups, almost as much as the coffee that is served in them, or maybe because of the warm dark aromatic liquid it holds.

It has been a busy couple of weeks, getting home after months travelling around, spending time with family and friends. It has been a wonderful few weeks, and there are still so many friends to re-connect with. All this has taken time, and while I believe there is always time for coffee with a friend, it is now time to building a new routine that involves the camera, and taking photos.

I have enrolled in Kim Klassen’s Be-Still 52, she describes it as a year of artful inspiration, each week there is a new lesson, and new inspiration for still-life photography. I want to spend a little more time learning to photograph still-life images; little vignette’s of my day to share with you.