Another cold week in Calgary; my morning commute


It has been another extremely cold week here in Calgary, and I will admit to driving further than walking during my morning commute! My fitbit tells me I averaged about 8000 steps a day, and a lot of those steps were in the +15 walkway rather than out in the cold!  Winter seems to be colder and longer this year. When the weather is decent my average step count is closer to 12,000 steps. But I hear the weather is going to improve.

This clip from Rick Mercer on the seven day forecast explains Canadian’s love hate relationship with the weatherman. Enjoy Spring is just around the corner…..


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggty Jig

flying into Calgary on a cold and frost morning
flying into Calgary on a cold and frost morning 

We flew into Calgary yesterday morning, quite a temperature change from Yuma Arizona; all I can say is BUURRRR!



snowflakes_IMG_4490 snowflake_IMG_4562

I had a little time yesterday, and the sun was shining! Snowflakes were falling and landing on the tree in the front yard. I am not sure where these little flakes were coming from, as there was not a cloud in the sky. They were flat and feathery, and they sparkled in the sunlight. I couldn’t resist, getting the camera and the stepladder I headed for the front yard to see if I could get one decent image. I was lucky there were a few, but with the wind, many more were blurry, but I am happy with the results.

I am looking forward to better weather over the next few days, even if there are no more beautiful new snowflakes to photography.



Palm Umbrella

Palm umbrella
Palm umbrella

delicate leafy palm umbrella.
I have been working through my library of images, processing them and getting them ready for the stock agency. The work has me going back through some holiday pictures of warm weather holiday places. It is cold outside, not the -20C that it might be in Ottawa! but it is winter in Canada, and since I am not able to get away for a warm weather holiday at this time this seems like a good place to be, tucked away in my cozy office/studio looking at holiday pictures!
I love the delicate feathery stems that reach out from the center of the tree providing a cool green all natural umbrella.

Castrojeriz Spain to Itero de la Vega Spain of the Camino de Santiago journey

from the foot of Alto de Mostelares Spain, at least we know what is ahead for us!  
now we go down! Alto de Mostelares, Spain 


Today was a short walk for these two peregrine’s,  only 11 k. It was 10 degrees C most of our walk, and the wind was howling in our faces, the entire 11 k.  Shortly after leaving Castrojeriz we had a 1050 meter stretch with a 12% grade, followed quickly by a 350 meter 18% grade descent. The local municipality provided signs going up and down the hill so we were well aware of the work head of us! This isn’t the toughest day we have had, but certainly one of the coldest, and I am thinking that this might be the trend to come, given the time of the year! We might have to buy some mittens or gloves, but other than that I think we have the right gear to get by, only time will tell!

For now some views from the top of Alto de Mostelares.

The view was spectacular, and we might have stayed longer to enjoy it but for the wind! I have figured out that if there are windmills on the horizon, there will be wind in the future! It seems Spain has a lot of windmills on the meseta.

Views from the top of Alto de Mostelares Spain, Camino de Santiago 
Views from Alto de Monstelares, Camino de Santiago, Spain